2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup

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[e][h]2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague
League Information
Neowiz Pmang
South Korea South Korea
1v1 and 2v2
Start Date:
End Date:
 Suma GO Suma GO
Number of Teams:


The Neowiz Pmang Cup OnGameNet Proleague is the second Proleague broadcasted by OnGameNet. Running from October 2003 to February 2004 the League features eight of the Korean Proteams.

Prize Pool[edit]

???,???,??? KRW (~US$???,???) is spread amongst the finalists as seen below:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD)* Team
1st TBA TBA Suma GO Suma GO
2nd TBA TBA Toona SG Toona SG

*Converted prizes calculated on January 26, 2013 with a currency rate of 1,000 KRW = 0.929973 USD provided by http://www.xe.com/.

Tournament Information[edit]

Map Pool[edit]

The 2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup used 6 maps in total.

Four maps were played in the Qualifier:

2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Qualifier Maps
Nostalgia Guillotine The Huntress Sin Gaema Gowon
Nostalgia Guillotine No thumbnail available Gaema Gowon

Four of the six maps were used solely in 1v1 play:

2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup 1v1 Maps
Another Day Guillotine Nostalgia Sin Gaema Gowon
No thumbnail available Guillotine Nostalgia Gaema Gowon

Two maps were used solely in 2v2 play:

2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup 2v2 Maps
The Huntress Vertigo
No thumbnail available Vertigo

Participating Teams[edit]

Participating Teams
Seeded from 2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague
Orion (Team) Orion Hanbit Stars Hanbit Stars KT Rolster KTF MagicNs Suma GO Suma GO
Qualified Teams
STX SouL STX SouL ESTRO AMD Dream Team KOR KOR Toona SG Toona SG


  • The season will be six months long, with 2 rounds + playoffs being played.
  • Rounds 1 and 2 will be best-of-three, with two 1v1 and one 2v2 match. All three games are played even if a team already has won 2 games. Playoffs will be best-of-five and the Grand Finals will be best-of-seven.
  • After Round 1, the top four teams advance to Round 2 where they will play each other for spots in the playoff.
  • The top 3 teams of Round 2 advance to the Playoffs
  • Another interesting quirk is the "permanent player" and "team captain" policy. The team captain and a designated player MUST play in at least one game each time the team has a match. Also, a single player is allowed to play twice, as long as he plays in a 1v1 and a 2v2.


After Round 1[edit]

Round 1 Standings
1. Hanbit Stars Hanbit Stars 6-1 14-7 +7
2. STX SouL STX SouL 5-2 13-8 +5
3. Suma GO Suma GO 4-3 13-8 +5
4. Toona SG Toona SG 4-3 11-10 +1
5. KOR KOR 3-4 10-11 -1
6. KT Rolster KTF MagicNs 2-5 9-12 -3
7. Orion (Team) Orion 2-5 9-12 -3
8. ESTRO AMD Dream Team 1-6 5-16 -11

Hanbit Stars, Suma GO, Toona SG and SouL advance to Round 2.

After Round 2[edit]

Round 2 Standings
1. Toona SG Toona SG 2-1 6-3 +3
2. Hanbit Stars Hanbit Stars 2-1 5-4 +1
3. Suma GO Suma GO 2-1 4-5 -1
4. STX SouL STX SouL 0-3 3-6 -3

Hanbit Stars, Suma GO, Toona SG advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs Bracket[edit]


Round 1
  Suma GO Suma GO
Round 2
  Toona SG Toona SG
  Suma GO Suma GO

Suma GO defeat Toona SG in the Grand Finals and are the 2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Champions.

Overall Standings[edit]

Overall Standings
1. Hanbit Stars Hanbit Stars 8-2 19-11 +8
2. Toona SG Toona SG 6-4 17-13 +4
3. Suma GO Suma GO 6-4 17-13 +4
4. STX SouL STX SouL 5-5 16-14 +2
5. KOR KOR 4-3 10-11 -1
6. KT Rolster KTF MagicNs 3-4 9-12 -3
7. Orion (Team) Orion 2-5 9-12 -3
8. ESTRO AMD Dream Team 1-6 5-16 -11


The games were hosted live on OnGameNet. Two matches played every Saturday at 18:30 KST.


Season Awards
Finals MVP South Korea Protoss Nal_rA
Most Wins South Korea Terran Goodfriend
Rookie Award South Korea Terran Goodfriend



2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup


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