11th SOSPA Ranking Tournament

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11th SOSPA Ranking Tournament
SospaRT white large.jpg
League Information
Organizer: SonicTV
Server: Fish
Event Type: Online
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Prize Pool: ₩500,000
Start Date: 2012-12-27
End Date: 2013-01-11
Links: R&S Website
Gold.pngSouth Korea Ticon small.png Sea
Silver.png South Korea Ticon small.png Mong
Bronze.png South Korea Zicon small.png beast Bronze.png South Korea Picon small.png Movie
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 16
Picon small.png 5   Ticon small.png 5   Zicon small.png 6   
Fighting Spirit • Neo Electric Circuit • New Sniper Ridge • Neo Jade


In December 2012, Sonic announced that he was hosting an individual online tournament featuring almost every top player from the current Afreeca scene. This tournament marks the first participation of Sea in Brood War amateur tournaments after retiring from StarCraft II.


Place Prize (KRW) USD EUR Player
Champion ₩500,000 $473 €355 South Korea Ticon small.png Sea


Round of 16 is an MSL style group stage where two players of each group advance to the quarterfinals and face each other in a best of 5 single-elimination bracket.

Map Pool[edit]

Participating Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (5) Terran Terran (5) Zerg Zerg (6)
South Korea Movie South Korea Ample South Korea beast
South Korea Perfectman South Korea HiyA South Korea force[Name]
South Korea Sky[kaL] South Korea Mong South Korea Larva
South Korea Shuttle South Korea Sea South Korea hero
South Korea Tyson South Korea Shinee South Korea Snail*
South Korea ZeLoT
  • TerrOr was replaced at the last minute with Snail, because TerrOr is permanently banned from Afreeca because of inappropriate stream contents. He will be not able to participate in any of the Afreeca streamed events.


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A preview lrthread
1. South Korea Ticon small.png Sea ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea Ticon small.png Ample ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea Picon small.png Sky[kaL] --Eliminated 1-2
4. South Korea Zicon small.png ZeLot --Eliminated 0-2

Group B[edit]

Group B preview lrthread
1. South Korea Picon small.png Tyson ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea Ticon small.png Mong ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea Ticon small.png Shinee --Eliminated 1-2
4. South Korea Zicon small.png Snail --Eliminated 0-2

Group C[edit]

Group C preview lrthread
1. South Korea Zicon small.png Larva ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea Zicon small.png hero ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea Picon small.png Shuttle --Eliminated 1-2
4. South Korea Ticon small.png HiyA --Eliminated 0-2

Group D[edit]

Group D preview lrthread
1. South Korea Picon small.png Movie ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea Zicon small.png beast ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea Zicon small.png force[Name] --Eliminated 1-2
4. South Korea Picon small.png PerfectMan --Eliminated 0-2
  • PerfectMan forfeited his game against beast due to connection issues.

Elimination Bracket[edit]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 South Korea Sea 3
 South Korea Larva 0
 South Korea Sea 3
 South Korea Movie 2
 South Korea Movie 3
 South Korea Tyson 1
 South Korea Sea 3
 South Korea Mong 1
 South Korea beast 3
 South Korea hero 2
 South Korea beast 0
 South Korea Mong 3
 South Korea Mong 3
 South Korea Ample 0




Grand Finals[edit]

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss Terran Zerg Random

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