The Big House 7: Melee

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[e][h]The Big House 7
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Tournament Information
USA Detroit
Start Date:
October 6, 2017
End Date:
October 8, 2017

The Big House 7 is a Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament that will be held in Detroit, Michigan on October 6-8, 2017.

Notable Entrants[edit]

Notable Entrants
Tempo Stormlogo std.png
USA Pikachu Axe[1]
Fryslogo std.png
USA Captain Falcon Wizzrobe[2]
Tempo Stormlogo std.png
USA Captain Falcon S2J[3]
Phoenix1logo std.png
USA Samus Duck[4]
Even Matchup Gaming 2015 logo std.png
Nicaragua Captain Falcon n0ne[5]
Logo filler std.png
USA Samus HugS[6]
Beastcoast logo std.png
USA Fox MikeHaze[7]
Balance Gaminglogo std.png
USA Fox Syrox[8]
VGBC Logo std.png
Japan Yoshi aMSa[9]
SS Logo std.png
USA Fox Colbol[10]
Logo filler std.png
USA Marth Zain[11]
Splyce std.png
USA Peach MacD[12]
Earthroot Gaming logo.png
Canada Fox Ryan Ford[13]
Logo filler std.png
USA Jigglypuff Prince Abu[14]
Logo filler std.png
USA Peach Bladewise[15]
Logo filler std.png
Canada Falco Trulliam[16]
Logo filler std.png
USA Peach Kalamazhu[17]
Logo filler std.png
USA Ice Climbers Drunk Sloth[18]
Logo filler std.png
USA Fox Mojo[19]
USA Falco King Momo[20]
Logo filler std.png
USA Captain Falcon NMW[21]
Logo filler std.png
USA Falco Ginger[22]
Logo filler std.png
Canada Fox Moky[23]
Logo filler std.png
USA Marth Zealous5000[24]
Logo filler std.png
USA Fox iBDW[25]
Permafrost std.png
Canada Ice Climbers Fork[26]