Smash 4 Boot Camp

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Tournament Information
Smash 4 Boot Camp Boot Camp
USA Las Vegas
Prize pool:
Start Date:
December 7, 2017
End Date:
December 10, 2017
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Smash 4 Boot Camp is a tournament hosted by VGBootCamp (VGBC) that will feature eight invited players, two players who qualify through tournaments, and six players voted in by the community. This is the first iteration of the tournament series.


VGBootCamp was inspired to create this because of the Smash Summit series. After multiple requests, VGBootCamp finally made this invitational possible. This tournament will be held at the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two highest placing non-invited players at GameTyrant Expo 2017 and The Big House 7 filled the qualifier slots for this event. In the event of a tie, a Best of 5 set would be played to determine who would qualify.[1] Elegant qualified with a 2nd place finish at GameTyrant Expo 2017. Marss qualified with a 2nd place finish at The Big House 7.




Invited Players
Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo
USA Bayonetta Salem
USA Zero Suit Samus Nairo
Mexico Marth Cloud Meta Knight MKLeo
USA Cloud Tweek
USA Fox Larry Lurr
USA Rosalina & Luma Dabuz
USA Sheik VoiD
Crowdfunded Players
USA Fox Light
Netherlands Sheik Mr.R
USA Fox Xzax
USA Mega Man Peabnut
USA Corrin Cosmos
USA Diddy Kong MVD
Qualified Players
USA Luigi Elegant
USA Zero Suit Samus Marss