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[e][h]Sheik Plup
Plup in Genesis 4 top 8
Player Information
Justin McGrath
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Sheik Sheik
Samus Samus, Fox Fox, Luigi Luigi
Project M
Samus Samus
Meta Knight Meta Knight, Sheik Sheik
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Rosallina & Luma Rosalina & Luma
2015-06-30 — Present

Justin "Plup" McGrath is a Sheik and Samus player from Central Florida currently playing for Panda Global, ranked #28 in the world on SSBM Rank 2013, #16 in the world on SSBM Rank 2014, #7 in the world on SSBM Rank 2015, and has most recently been ranked #6 in the world on SSBM Rank 2016.


Plup originally rose to national fame as "Hungrybox's teammate"; their Samus/Jigglypuff team, "Plupbox," has placed consistently high at national tournaments since 2012. Within two years of his rise to doubles prominence, he proceeded to establish himself as the top American Samus player as well. His black Samus is notable for its smooth platform game and strong punishes.

Plup is particularly good against spacies and Marth, with tournament victories over Colbol, Zhu, Lucky, Hax, Fiction, Westballz, Leffen, Chillindude, Ken, Tai, The Moon and Arc. He is also one of the best Samus vs. Puff player in the world, having taken games off Hungrybox in tournament and defeating s0ft and Darc in bracket at Apex 2013. He soundly defeated HugS in Samus dittos at both the APEX Salty Suite and Super Smash Sundays 20, putting him among the best in the dittos as well.

On May 18, 2014, Plup was flown to Southern California as part of HugS' "Fraudulent Players Fund" to practice with SoCal players and participate in Super Smash Sundays 20 and a special "Boss Rush." The Boss Rush was a "crew-battle" style tournament where Plup faced 4 teams of 4 SoCal players. Though he defeated HugS 2-0 in bracket, he placed just 7th in bracket with a 2-1 loss as Fox against S2J and a 2-0 loss to OkamiBW. In the Boss Rush, he soundly defeated the D, C, and B teams, and took the A team of Lucky, Fiction, S2J, and Westballz down to the final stock, playing Samus the entire time.

Plup's strongest tournament performances in 2014 were 9th place finishes at both 2014 MLG Anaheim—where he lost to KDJ and his teammate Hungrybox but defeated Cactuar, Arc, Zhu, Zero, and familiar Florida rival Colbol—and at EVO 2014, where he defeated Lord and DEHF before falling to Armada, and took out Lucky and Hax before losing a close-fought match to Axe.

He began 2015 with an extremely strong 5th place performance at Paragon 2015, where he defeated Westballz and Leffen in winners before falling to Mew2king and losing the rematch with Westballz in losers. This performance made Plup a strong contender for top 8 at Apex 2015, which was two weeks later. However, Plup fell to Swedish Delight's Sheik in Winners Finals of his round 2 pool. He then played Sheik in losers against KJH, losing again; he finished at a dismal 49th, his lowest ever placing at Apex.

Following this defeat, Plup, who had been playing Sheik at locals since late 2014, began co-maining Sheik in earnest. His Sheik received its first regional exposure at Bad Moon Rising, where he placed 2nd using a combination of Samus and Sheik. Since then he has become a solo Sheik main only using Samus against Ice Climbers players and players he thinks have a hard time against the Samus matchup.

At CEO 2015, Plup nearly defeated both Leffen and Mango with his Sheik, ending the tournament at 7-8th. However, he took his revenge at EVO 2015 three weeks later, defeating both of them, including using Samus against Leffen, on his way to a record 4th place finish at a premier tournament.

On June 30, 2015, Plup announced that he would be joining Panda Global.[1]

At EVO 2016, Plup had an impressive winner's bracket performance, defeating both Mango and Hungrybox before falling to Armada in winner's finals and Hungrybox again in losers, placing 3rd overall.

Recent Major Results[edit]

Date Place Event Result Prize
Apr 14-16 A55 - 6th CEO Dreamland 2 : 3 USA Sheik Luigi Swedish Delight
Mar 2-5 A55 - 6th Smash Summit - Spring 2017 2 : 3 USA Sheik Fox Marth Mew2King
Jan 20-22 A55 - 6th GENESIS 4 0 : 3 USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox $511.20
Nov 3-6 A55 - 6th Smash Summit 3 1 : 3 USA Fox Mango $972.41
Oct 7-9 B717 - 24th The Big House 6 2 : 3 USA Sheik Shroomed
Aug 26-28 A57 - 8th Shine 2016 2 : 3 USA Falco Mango $306.59
Jul 15-17 A33rd EVO 2016 1 : 3 USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox $2,372
Jun 24-26 A44th CEO 2016 1 : 3 USA Fox SFAT $339
Apr 21-24 A55 - 6th Smash Summit 2 2 : 3 USA Fox Mango $1,166.54
Apr 2-3 A55 - 6th Pound 2016 0 : 3 USA Fox Mango $420
Mar 17-19 A55 - 6th Battle of the Five Gods 1 : 3 USA Fox Mango $750
Jan 15-17 A59 - 12th GENESIS 3 1 : 3 USA Falco Mango $218.80
Nov 26-28 A33rd DreamHack Winter 2015 0 : 3 Sweden Peach Armada $2,000
Nov 14-15 A44th Eclipse 0 : 3 USA Pikachu Axe $789
Nov 5-8 A44th Smash Summit 1 : 3 USA Falco Mango $2,469.68
Oct 2-4 A513 - 16th The Big House 5 1 : 3 USA Sheik Shroomed
Sep 19 B725 - 32nd HTC Throwdown 1 : 2 USA Peach MacD
Sep 5-6 A59 - 12th Paragon Los Angeles 2015 0 : 2 USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox
Jul 17-19 A44th EVO 2015 0 : 2 USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox $747.60
Jun 26-28 A57 - 8th CEO 2015 2 : 3 USA Fox Mango $78.30
All Results

SSBM Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
SSBM Rank 2016 6
SSBM Rank 2015 7
SSBM Rank 2015 Summer 7
SSBM Rank 2014 16
SSBM Rank 2014 Summer 23
SSBM Rank 2013 27

Combo Videos[edit]