Major Tournaments: Wii U

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Major Tournaments feature a large prize pool and a good number of top-tier players.
Highlighted tournaments represent Premier Tournaments, which offer an outstanding prize pool and feature the best players from all over the world. They are commonly held by well-established franchises and are considered especially prestigious amongst the community. These tournaments are also referred to as "Supermajors".


Start End Name Series Prize pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
1499990400Jul 14 1500163200Jul 16 EVO 2017 Template:LeagueIconSmall/evolution championship series EVO USA Las Vegas, Nevada TBD TBD
1495670400May 25 1495929600May 28 MomoCon 2017  MomoCon 277 USA Atlanta, Georgia TBD TBD
1495238400May 20 1495238400May 20 2GGC: Greninja Saga Template:LeagueIconSmall/2gg championship series 2GGC $8,500 350 USA Santa Ana, California Canada Mario Ally USA Fox Larry Lurr
1494547200May 12 1494720000May 14 Royal Flush 146 USA Atlantic City, New Jersey Chile Diddy Kong Lucina ZeRo Netherlands Sheik Cloud Mr.R
1494028800May 06 1494115200May 07 Umebura Japan Major  Umebura 478 Japan Tokyo Mexico Cloud Meta Knight MKLeo Japan Sonic KEN
1493337600Apr 28 1493510400Apr 30 DreamHack Austin 2017 Template:LeagueIconSmall/dreamhack DH $10,000 303 USA Austin, Texas Chile Diddy Kong Lucina ZeRo Mexico Marth Cloud Lucario MKLeo
1492128000Apr 14 1492300800Apr 16 CEO Dreamland  CEO 376 USA Orlando, Florida Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo Netherlands Sheik Cloud Mr.R
1490313600Mar 24 1490486400Mar 26 2GGC: Civil War Template:LeagueIconSmall/2gg championship series 2GGC $22,530 753 USA Santa Ana, California USA Rosalina & Luma Olimar Dabuz USA Captain Falcon Fatality
1489795200Mar 18 1489881600Mar 19 Frame Perfect Series 2  FPS 205 USA Orlando, Florida Japan Rosalina & Luma Kirihara Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo
1487980800Feb 25 1488067200Feb 26 Frostbite 2017 342 USA Ann Arbor, Michigan Chile Diddy Kong Captain Falcon Cloud ZeRo Japan Lucario Ryu Tsu
1487289600Feb 17 1487462400Feb 19 B.E.A.S.T 7 Template:LeagueIconSmall/b.e.a.s.t BEAST 304 Sweden Gothenburg Netherlands Sheik Cloud Mr.R Germany Diddy Kong Bayonetta cyve
1486771200Feb 11 1486771200Feb 11 Niconico Tokaigi 2017  Tokaigi 16 Japan Chiba USA Zero Suit Samus Cloud Nairo Japan Sonic KEN
1486771200Feb 11 1486771200Feb 11 2GGC: Midwest Mayhem Saga Template:LeagueIconSmall/2gg championship series 2GGC $5,170 331 USA Santa Ana, California Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Cloud Donkey Kong Tweek
1484870400Jan 20 1485043200Jan 22 GENESIS 4  GENESIS $10,320 1,014 USA San Jose, California Mexico Marth Cloud MKLeo Canada Mario Ally
1484352000Jan 14 1484352000Jan 14 2GGC: Genesis Saga Template:LeagueIconSmall/2gg championship series 2GGC $6,630 466 USA Santa Ana, California Chile Diddy Kong Sheik ZeRo Japan Cloud Sonic komorikiri


Start End Name Series Prize pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
1481846400Dec 16 1482019200Dec 18 2GGT: ZeRo Saga  2GGT $13,700 361 USA Las Vegas, Nevada Mexico Marth Cloud MKLeo USA Fox Donkey Kong Larry Lurr
1480636800Dec 02 1480809600Dec 04 UGC Smash Open  UGC $17,020 203 USA St. Louis, IL Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo Japan Mewtwo Meta Knight Mega Man Abadango
1479513600Nov 19 1479513600Nov 19 KTAR XIX KTAR 455 USA Somerset, New Jersey Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Bayonetta Salem
1475798400Oct 07 1475971200Oct 09 The Big House 6 Template:LeagueIconSmall/the big house TBH $7,770 777 USA Dearborn, Michigan Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Mario Zero Suit Samus Charizard Cloud ANTi
1474675200Sep 24 1474675200Sep 24 2GGT: Abadango Saga  2GGT $5,440 544 USA Santa Ana, California Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Fox Larry Lurr
1472169600Aug 26 1472342400Aug 28 Shine 2016  Shine $4,830 483 USA Boston, Massachusetts Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Pikachu Samus ESAM
1470873600Aug 11 1471132800Aug 14 Super Smash Con 2016 Template:LeagueIconSmall/super smash con SSC 1,272 USA Chantilly, Virginia USA Zero Suit Samus Nairo USA Rosalina & Luma Olimar Dabuz
1469232000Jul 23 1469232000Jul 23 2GGT: KTAR Saga  2GGT $4,140 414 USA Santa Ana, California USA Bayonetta Pink Fresh USA Zero Suit Samus Marss
1468540800Jul 15 1468713600Jul 17 EVO 2016 Template:LeagueIconSmall/evolution championship series EVO $26,620 2,662 USA Las Vegas, Nevada Canada Mario Ally Japan Mega Man Yoshi Cloud Kamemushi
1466726400Jun 24 1466899200Jun 26 CEO 2016  CEO $9,060 906 USA Orlando, Florida USA Mario Cloud Meta Knight Zero Suit Samus ANTi USA Diddy Kong Zinoto
1463702400May 20 1463875200May 22 Get On My Level 2016 Template:LeagueIconSmall/get on my level GOML 489 Canada Toronto, Ontario Canada Mario Ally Chile Diddy Kong Sheik ZeRo
1459555200Apr 02 1459641600Apr 03 Pound 2016  Pound $7,695 513 USA Tysons Corner, Virginia Japan Mewtwo Meta Knight Abadango Canada Mario R.O.B. Ally
1457136000Mar 05 1457222400Mar 06 Shots Fired 2 Shots Fired 162 USA Somerset, New Jersey USA Nairo Netherlands Mr.R
1452816000Jan 15 1452988800Jan 17 GENESIS 3  GENESIS $13,930 1,096 USA San Jose, California Chile Sheik Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Rosalina & Luma Dabuz


Start End Name Series Prize pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
1444953600Oct 16 1445126400Oct 18 MLG World Finals 2015 Template:LeagueIconSmall/major league gaming MLG $10,000 159 USA New Orleans, Louisiana USA Zero Suit Samus Dr. Mario Nairo Chile Sheik Diddy Kong ZeRo
1443744000Oct 02 1443916800Oct 04 The Big House 5 Template:LeagueIconSmall/the big house TBH $6,120 512 USA Dearborn, Michigan Chile Sheik Diddy Kong ZeRo USA Zero Suit Samus Robin Meta Knight Nairo
1441411200Sep 05 1441497600Sep 06 Paragon Los Angeles 2015  Paragon $7,190 519 USA Ontario, California USA Zero Suit Samus Nairo USA Rosalina & Luma Olimar Dabuz
1438905600Aug 07 1439078400Aug 09 Super Smash Con Template:LeagueIconSmall/super smash con SSC 744 USA Chantilly, Virginia Chile Sheik ZeRo USA Pikachu Yoshi ESAM
1437091200Jul 17 1437177600Jul 18 EVO 2015 Template:LeagueIconSmall/evolution championship series EVO $19,260 1,926 USA Las Vegas, Nevada Chile Sheik Diddy Kong ZeRo Netherlands Sheik Mr.R
1435276800Jun 26 1435449600Jun 28 CEO 2015  CEO 512 USA Orlando, Florida Chile Sheik ZeRo USA Zero Suit Samus Dark Pit Nairo
1422662400Jan 31 1422748800Feb 01 Apex 2015  Apex $15,055 837 USA Somerset, New Jersey Chile Diddy Kong Captain Falcon ZeRo USA Rosalina & Luma Olimar Dabuz