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[e][h]Captain Falcon Lord
Player Information
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon

"Lord" is a Captain Falcon player from Northern California, ranked 4th on the NorCal Power Rankings and 41st on SSBM Rank 2014.


Lord has played competitively since 2006, but remained relatively unknown for most of his career due to a lack of out-of-state appearances, leading to a reputation as NorCal's "hidden boss". With his unorthodox and flashy playstyle, Lord has established himself as one of the best Captain Falcons in the world, although his appearances outside NorCal remain sparse.


Date Place Event Result Prize
Jul 15-17 C165 - 96th EVO 2016 L USA Azusa
Jan 15-17 B725 - 32nd GENESIS 3 1 : 3 USA Sheik Shroomed $50
Jul 17-19 C149 - 64th EVO 2015 L USA Shroomed
Jul 7 A33rd Get Smashed at the Foundry #52 0 : 2 USA PewPewU $50
Nov 15-16 A59 - 12th Do You Fox Wit It? 1 : 2 USA Fiction
Jul 11-13 C149 - 64th EVO 2014 L USA Lucky
Mar 22-23 A513 - 16th The Next Episode L USA Connor
Jul 11-13 B717 - 24th EVO 2013 1 : 2 USA Dr Mario Shroomed

SSBM Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
SSBM Rank 2014 41
SSBM Rank 2013 29