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For the first tournament in the series, see HFLAN Melee Edition.

HFLAN is a series of tournaments organized by LeFrenchMelee at the ESIEE graduate school of engineering in Noisy-le-Grand. The hf.lan events usually feature Melee and PC games tournaments (such as StarCraft 2 or League of Legends). However, for some editions, it was decided that the event would focus on Melee, allowing a higher player cap (256 instead of the usual 64 or 80): these are the HFLAN Melee Editions.

Melee Tournaments[edit]

Name Date Winner Runner-Up Score Prize Pool Entrants
HFLAN Melee Edition 2017 14922144002017-04-15 TBD TBD Unknown 203
HFLAN 12 14601600002016-04-09 Sweden Fox Leffen Spain Sheik Overtriforce 3 - 0 Unknown 83
HFLAN Melee Edition 14311296002015-05-09 Sweden Fox Peach Armada Netherlands Sheik Amsah 3 - 0 Unknown 172
HFLAN 8 14166144002014-11-22 Sweden Fox Leffen Germany Fox Ice 32
HFLAN 7 14014944002014-05-31 France Marth Salepate France Tekk 32
HFLAN 6 13869792002013-12-14 Germany Ice Sweden Leffen 64
HFLAN 5 13700448002013-06-01 Germany Sheik Ice Spain Sheik Overtriforce 58
HFLAN 4 13543200002012-12-01 Sweden Peach Armada Sweden Fox Leffen 58
HFLAN 3 13373856002012-05-19 Spain Overtriforce United Kingdom Fuzzyness 46
HFLAN 2 13192416002011-10-22 France Darko France Cyr 48
HFLAN 13041216002011-04-30 France Tekk France Doraki 22