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[e][h]Fox BeLia
Player Information
Nicolas Mouzet
April 18, 1994 (1994-04-18) (age 22)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Fox Fox
Falco Falco
2016-10-22 — Present
2016-11-06 — 2017-03-27

Nicolas "BeLia" Mouzet is a Melee Fox main from France. He is currently ranked sixth in France.[1]


BeLia decided to play Super Smash Bros Melee competitively one week before HFLAN 1 and played several characters at the time: Marth, Sheik and Fox.[2] He would only decide to play Fox in 2013, making his first notable upset against Aether at HFLAN 6. Between 2012 and 2014, BeLia did not play very much because of very demanding studies. He was indeed a "classes préparatoires" philosophy and ancient greek student, a 2-year extremely intensive programme ending with a difficult entrance test to top French research programmes. At tournaments he did attend during this timespan, he was prone to ragequits, for example at LAST 1[3] at the beginning of 2013 and Republic of Fighters 3 in May 2014.[4] This had negative impact on his performances, although his 24th place on the France Power Rankings does show that his level wasn't frankly bad either. In 2015, after dropping out of these studies, he started playing seriously again, but only in Paris, and only started playing outside of the region of Paris in 2016 at Nantarena 16.1. This was his true breakthrough, since one month later, he 3-0'd French top ranked player Tekk at HFLAN 12 and gained some international attention,[5] confirming his results by beating him again at LAST VI. The year 2016 was also when he got sponsored by both ShieldBreakFast[6] and Forward Smash[7] and took 6th place in the France Power Rankings, an improvement that can be explained in part by a drastic change in his playstyle, which until then was extremely slow and defensive. That same year, he also started taking the habit of playing his secondary characters in pools. On March 27th, 2017, BeLia left team Forward Smash.


Date Place Event Result Prize
Mar 18-19 A11st Nantarena 17.1 3 : 2 France Captain Falcon Alox $318
Feb 17-19 B725 - 32nd B.E.A.S.T 7 0 : 2 France Baxon
Jan 14-15 B717 - 24th Arcamelee 2 0 : 2 France Djagof
Nov 19 A59 - 12th Kickstart 13 0 : 2 United Kingdom Setchi
Oct 15-16 A22nd South Battle Arena 2 France JiM $154
Sep 10-11 C133 - 48th Syndicate 2016 1 : 2 United Kingdom Deathgazer
Sep 3-4 A22nd Neokan Party 3 2 : 3
2 : 3
France DjaGoF
Aug 19-21 C149 - 64th Heir 3 1 : 2 United Kingdom Jam
Jul 30-31 A22nd LAST VI 0 : 3 Switzerland Jah Ridin'
May 28-29 A59 - 12th Arcamelee 1 2 : 3 France Djagof
Apr 9-10 A44th HFLAN 12 0 : 3 Spain Overtriforce
May 9-10 C133 - 48th HFLAN Melee Edition Netherlands Jim Morrison

Melee Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
LeFrenchMelee 2013 24
LeFrenchMelee 2016 6