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[e][h]2GG Championship
Tournament Information
USA Santa Ana
Prize pool:
Start Date:
December 2, 2017
End Date:
December 3, 2017
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Singles Stages
Final Destination • Battlefield • Lylat Cruise • Smashville • Town & City • Dream Land 64 (CP)

The 2GG Championship is the finale of the 2GG Championship Series, and will take place in Santa Ana, California on December 1-3, 2017.


Group Stage[edit]

The twenty players are split into five groups based on the number of points they accrued during the circuit. Each group will play a set of matches in a round robin format.

The player that finishes first in each group will advance to the Championship Bracket. The player that finishes second in each group will move on to the Playoff Group. In total, five players will advance to the Championship Bracket, five will advance to the Playoff Group, and ten will be eliminated.

Playoff Group[edit]

This group will also be played with a round robin format. The top three players in this stage will advance to the Championship Bracket.

Championship Bracket[edit]

This bracket will use a standard double elimination format.

Seeding for the Championship Bracket will be prioritized based on:

  • Percentage of sets won during the group stages
  • Percentage of games won during the group stages
  • Total number of 2GGC points earned
  • Highest placment during any of the 2GGC Season Finales
  • Highest placment during any other 2GGC events


Tiebreakers in any round robin pools will be conducted with the following criteria:

  • Head to Head Record
  • Percentage of Games Won

Prize Pool[edit]

Final Bracket[edit]

From Winners
From Losers
Losers Finals
Grand Finals


2GGC Tournament Winners
Chile Diddy Kong ZeRo
USA Rosalina & Luma Dabuz
Canada Mario Ally
USA Bayonetta Salem
USA Cloud Tweek
Qualified via 2GGC Points
Japan Cloud Sonic komorikiri
USA Zero Suit Samus Nairo
Mexico Cloud Marth MKLeo
Japan Sonic KEN
USA Captain Falcon Fatality
USA Fox Larry Lurr
USA Sheik VoiD
Japan Link T
Japan Olimar Shuton
USA Bayonetta CaptainZack
Japan Bayonetta Mewtwo Abadango
Japan Rosalina & Luma Kirihara
USA Peach Samsora
USA Mewtwo WaDi
Last Chance Qualifier