Misc Tournaments

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Miscellanous tournaments are tournaments that do no use the standard gamemodes, arenas or ruleset (e.g. Rumble)



Start End Name S Prize pool Location Winner Runner-Up
2016-10-09 Oct 09 2016-10-09 Oct 09 RLCS S2 - Europe Midseason Mayhem Rocket_League_Championship_Series
Europe Online
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Mock-It eSportslogo std2.png M-I EU NorthernGamingBlueLogo std.png NG
2016-10-08 Oct 08 2016-10-08 Oct 08 RLCS S2 - North America Midseason Mayhem Rocket_League_Championship_Series
North America Online
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G2esplogo std.png G2 Genesislogo std.png Genesis