Overwatch Pacific Championship 2017 - Season 1

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[e][h]Overwatch Pacific Championship 2017 - Season 1
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League Information
Overwatch Pacific Championship OPC
Blizzard Entertainment
Taiwan Taipei
Blizzard Estadium
Prize pool:
$ 8,800,000 TWD
(≃ $272,240 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Teams:
Hka std.pngFlashwolveslogo std.pngAhq std.pngDeToNator std.pngSunSister std.pngMachi Esports std.pngBlank esportslogo std.pngFireball Logo std.png


An official Asia-Pacific Blizzard tournament based in Taiwan featuring professional Overwatch teams from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia. This event is a Tournament Server competition with 2 twitch streams broadcasting live in Mandarin and in English (Links below)

Tournament is played on the weekend Fridays to Sundays;

  • Friday: 19:00 CST/ 21:00 AEST First Match, 21:00 CST/ 23:00 AEST Second Match
  • Saturday: 14:00 CST/ 16:00 AEST 1st Match, 16:00 CST/ 18:00 AEST 2nd Match, 19:00 CST/ 21:00 AEST 3rd Match, 21:00 CST/ 23:00 AEST 4th Match
  • Sunday: 14:00 CST/ 16:00 AEST 1st Match, 16:00 CST/ 18:00 AEST 2nd Match, 19:00 CST/ 21:00 AEST 3rd Match, 21:00 CST/ 23:00 AEST 4th Match


  • Blizzard Estadium, No.245, Sec. 1, South Dunhua Rd., JhongJheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Prize Pool[edit]

8,300,000 TWD (~272,240 USD) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place $ USD $  TWD Team
Gold.png 1st $98,400 NT$3,000,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Silver.png 2nd $49,200 NT$1,500,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Bronze.png 3rd $32,800 NT$1,000,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Copper.png 4th $26,240 NT$800,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
5th-6th $19,680 NT$600,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Logo filler std.png TBD
7th-8th $13,120 NT$400,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Logo filler std.png TBD

Conversion values taken from xe.com at 2017-03-24. 1 TWD ≈ 0.0328 USD


  • Competition Rules
    • Regular Season: Four Rounds of Round-Robin
      • Each of the 8 teams in OPC will play against each of the other teams a total of 4 times. Each match will be played in a best-of-five format (BO5).
    • Playoffs: Bubble Race
      • The top three teams of regular season will advance to the playoffs that will follow a Bubble Race format. There are two rounds of playoffs over a 2-week period, and each week will feature three consecutive match days. Each match day is a best-of-seven format (BO7). The team that takes two wins out of 3 match days will be the winner of a Playoff round.
      • The number 2 and 3 finishers from the Regular Season will compete in the first week of playoffs, and the winner will advance and get the opportunity to compete with the number 1 finisher of the regular season in the final week of playoffs to determine the winner of Season 1.
  • Home/Away Team Rules
    • Regular Season:
      • Eight teams will go through 4 Round-Robin matches in which each team will fight against the same opponent four times, as Home Team two times and Away Team for another two times.
      • In the best-of-five (BO5) matches, the Home Team has the advantage to decide the first, the third and the fifth maps and their attack/defense, while Away team can decide the second and the fourth.
      • Each team will have a “Home Team’s Day” once during regular season, which means that team will have home advantage in two consecutive matches on that day.
    • Playoffs
      • The team that achieved higher place finish in the regular season will have home-team advantage during the Playoffs. In the 3 match days of the Playoffs, this team will have home team advantage on Day 1 and Day 3, while the lower placed team will play as home team on Day 2.
      • In the BO7 matches, the Home Team can decide the first, third, fifth and seventh maps and their attack/defense, while the Away Team can select the second, fourth and sixth.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • TW Commentators:
    • Taiwan Xanver (Tseng Hao-Yu 曾昊宇)
    • Taiwan Lilballz (Alex Sung 宋寬柏)
    • Taiwan AsSen (Huang Mao-Sen 黃茂森)
    • Taiwan MrYeeeee (易先生)
    • Taiwan Hoop (Hsu Hsiang-Hsuan 許相瑄)
    • Taiwan BabyNie (Nieh Yu-Lun 聶佑倫)
    • Taiwan Lice (Wang Lice 王萊斯)
  • EN Commentators:
    • New Zealand AVRL (Kevin Walker)
    • New Zealand Ezy (Dallas Whaitiri)
    • New Zealand Pixie (Matt Carroll)
    • New Zealand Smite (Matt Ross)


ahq e-Sports Club
1Taiwan e1Fang 
2Taiwan EDDIE 
3Taiwan EricEnn 
4Taiwan Krapy 
5Taiwan Keres 
6Taiwan Dizzy 
7Taiwan LazyTitan 
CTaiwan AfteR 
CTaiwan Nitor 
Blank Esports
1Australia Aetar 
2Australia ieatuup 
3Australia Kiki 
4Australia Trill 
5Australia Rqt 
6Australia Gnb 
CAustralia Doctor 
CTaiwan SereNity 
Flash Wolves
1Taiwan Zonda 
2Taiwan Realment 
3Taiwan Jongie 
4Taiwan Baconjack 
5Taiwan KMoMo 
6Taiwan S1nkler 
CTaiwan RayGods 
1Thailand oPuTo 
2Thailand NzNr 
3Thailand 9th 
4Thailand keRLos 
5Thailand Zalphx 
6Thailand Rocket 
CThailand Zynnlol 
Hong Kong Attitude
1Hong Kong ManGoJai 
2Taiwan HolidayCow 
3Taiwan CQB 
4Taiwan ShaiuLin 
5Taiwan ATing 
6Taiwan Randy 
7Taiwan K4 
CTaiwan Jay 
Machi Esports
1Taiwan Rai 
2Taiwan Nonezz 
3Taiwan Kant 
4Taiwan Dcrwon 
5Taiwan Notalk 
6Taiwan Restya 
7Taiwan Kiyomi 
CTaiwan Cassis 
1Japan Elu 
2Japan Molis 
3Japan N1ght0wl 
4Japan Odenkun 
5Japan kira44 
6Japan ZETMAN 
7Japan XQQ 
CJapan ShirasPan 


Regular Season[edit]

. Ahq std.png ahq e-Sports Club 15-3 46-16 +30 45p
. Flashwolveslogo std.png Flash Wolves 14-3 47-10 +37 42p
. Blank esportslogo std.png Blank Esports 14-4 44-18 +26 42p
. Machi Esports std.png Machi Esports 10-8 33-28 +5 30p
. Hka std.png Hong Kong Attitude 8-8 32-26 +6 24p
. Fireball Logo std.png FireBall 5-11 16-37 -21 15p
. DeToNator std.png DeToNator.GOLD 2-15 9-47 -38 6p
. SunSister std.png SunSister 0-16 4-48 -44 0p

For detailed results click here.


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