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Immortals is a venture capital-backed American eSports organization, primarily known for their League of Legends team. The ownership group includes a co-owner of the National Basketball Association's Memphis Grizzlies and the band Linkin Park (through their company Machine Shop Ventures) - among others.


The Overwatch Winter Premiere[edit]

After qualifying in the 4th qualifier of the Overwatch Winter Premiere, Immortals would play their first match against Team Liquid.
Immortals went 6-1 in the first round of robin, the only team that took a victory against Immortals was Kungarna.

During the second round of robin Immortals had a score of 10-2 and took once again 1st place and qualified for the offline playoffs in San Antonio.

In the playoffs the Immortals had to make some roster changes since Nomy couldn't attend and he was replaced by Chance.
In the semi-finals the Immortals squad faced off against Luminosity Gaming this serie ended quickly in a 3-0 victory for Immortals.
In the grand finals Immortals had to face Ghost Gaming (Previously Kungarna), in the games versus Ghost Gaming GrimReality his McCree was really stepping up.
And GrimReality and his team took the victory by winning 3-1 versus Ghost Gaming, Immortals took the 1st place in the Overwatch Winter Premiere and the prize pool of $40,000 USD


  • September 12th - Immortals singed Sodipop roster.[1]
  • October 10th - Jer leaves the team.[2]
  • October 12th - Chance joins.
  • December 21st - Verbo joins, Chance moves to coach. [3]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
USA GrimReality Christopher Schaefer DPS 2016-09-12 [1]
Canada Agilities Brady Girardi DPS 2016-09-12 [1]
USA Hyped George Maganzini Flex 2016-09-12 [1]
Canada Verbo Stefano Disalvo Support 2016-12-19 [3]
South Korea KariV Park Young Seo (박영서) Support 2017-06-02[5]
South Korea Fate Koo Pan-Seung (구판승) Tank 2017-06-02 [5]
South Korea envy (Substitute) Lee Kang-Jae (이강재) Flex 2017-06-13[6]
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Canada Chance  
Immortalslogo std.png
Zac Palmer
Mexico nomy David Ramirez Overwatch Winter Premiere (Playoffs)


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
Mexico nomy David Ramirez Tank 2016-09-12 [1] 2017-06-13[5][6] Overwatchlogo std.png
USA Aythen Athen Zhu Support 2016-09-12 [1] 2017-06-13[5][6] Overwatchlogo std.png
Canada Chance Zac Palmer Support 2016-10-12 2016-12-19 [3] Immortalslogo std.png Immortals
USA Jer Captain Jeremy Santacruz Support/Flex 2016-09-12 [1] 2016-10-10 [2] Overwatchlogo std.png



ID Name Position Join Date
USA dzMins Joshua Kim Manager
South Korea Ookz Dong Wook Kim Coach


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date
USA NurseBaemax Bianca Danielle Manager
Canada Chance Zac Palmer Coach


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2017-06-04 A11st A5Qualifier Overwatch Contenders Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: North America Q2 2 : 0 TOlogo std.png $0
2017-03-26 A11st A2Major Overwatch Carbon Series Overwatch Carbon Series 3 : 1 Luminosity Gaming Evillogo std.png $7,500
2017-02-26 A33rd A5Monthly Alienware Monthly Melee Alienware Monthly Melee: February 1 : 3 Hammers Esportslogo std.png $1,000
2017-01-28 A11st A2Major Overwatch_Winter_Premiere Overwatch Winter Premiere 3 : 1 Ghostgaminglogo std.png $40,000
2016-12-03 A11st A3Minor BaseTradeTV Cup 3 : 0 Selfless Gaming 2logo std.png $900
2016-12-02 A11st A5Monthly Alienware Monthly Melee Alienware Monthly Melee: December 3 : 2 Cloud9logo std.png $3,000
2016-11-19 A22nd A5Monthly Carbon Masters Carbon Masters November 2016 0 : 3 Cloud9logo std.png $2,000
2016-11-10 A22nd A5Monthly Alienware Monthly Melee Alienware Monthly Melee: November 0 : 3 Cloud9logo std.png $2,000
2016-10-23 A22nd A5Monthly Carbon Masters Carbon Masters October 2016 0 : 3 Complexitylogo std.png $2,000
2016-09-25 B313 - 16th A3Premier Overwatch Open Overwatch Open 0 : 2 Cloud9logo std.png $6,000
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