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This template generates a list of upcoming and ongoing Heroes of the Storm matches from the wiki.

To show up in this list, a match has to be entered by using either {{MatchMaps}} or a bracket, as well as having a valid date (preferably Month Day, YYYY - HH:MM {{Abbr/Timezone}})entered in its {{BracketMatchSummary}}. Additionally, it has to be in the main space, user space matches are not displayed as they are mostly not notable.

To enable linking to the match's stream, a value (either LD stream name or full url for other streaming services) for |stream= should be set. Also, a custom icon as well as tournament name (to avoid having a lot of / in the tooltip) can be set in the infobox with the |icon= and |name= parameters. If a page doesn't have an infobox, you can put

{{#vardefine:tournament_icon|"Name_of_icon_without_namespace_prefix.format"}}{{#vardefine:tournament_name|"Tournament name"}} 

on the top of the page and replace everything inside (and including) the quotation marks with the corresponding values.

Example for JoinDOTA_MLG_Pro_League/Season_2/Americas:

{{#vardefine:tournament_icon|MLG-Logo-Small.png}}{{#vardefine:tournament_name|joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2: Pro League Americas}}

L5 L5logo std.png vs. RRRlogo std.png RRR
Mighty Mighty std.png vs. Tempest std.png TP
TGG Team good guys std.png vs. Tricked 2017logo std.png Tricked
PDucks Playingduckslogo std.png vs. Dignitaslogo std.png DIG
NVT TeamNaventic std.png vs. NoTomorrow logo std.png NT
TF Teamfreedomlogo std.png vs. Roll20 esports logo std.png R2E
BLS BlossoM std.png vs. Raven std.png Rvn
MVP.B Mvplogo std.png vs. RRRlogo std.png RRR
DIG Dignitaslogo std.png vs. Fnaticlogo std.png FNC
TL Liquid2017logo std.png vs. Team Zealot logo std.png ZEA