Whispers of the Old Gods

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[e][h]Whispers of the Old Gods
Game Information
Release Dates:
April 26 (Americas) / 27 (Rest of World)

Whispers of the Old Gods is the third full expansion set to Hearthstone. It was announced on March 11th 2016 at the start of the 2016 Hearthstone Championship tour.[1]


The Whispers of the Old Gods expansion set is thematically connected to the Old Gods from World of Warcraft.

New Cards[edit]

Total of 134 are added to the game, 9 class cards for each class and 53 Neutral class cards

Druid square.png Druid[edit]

Hunter square.png Hunter[edit]

Mage square.png Mage[edit]

Paladin square.png Paladin[edit]

Priest square.png Priest[edit]

Rogue square.png Rogue[edit]

Shaman square.png Shaman[edit]

Warlock square.png Warlock[edit]

Warrior square.png Warrior[edit]




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