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[e][h] Theo
Player Information
Matthijs Lieftink
Get Gaming
Total Earnings:
2016-??-?? - 2017-03-21
2017-06-04 - present

Theo is a Hearthstone player for team Get Gaming. He has been playing Hearthstone and actively streaming for over two years now. In the meanwhile with his control focussed playstyle he has gotten many top100 finishes on ladder and high tournament finishes in the Benelux. In 2017 he represented The Netherlands in HGG 2017.

Theo is the oldest in a poor family of 3 children born in the suburbs of Almere. With not enough money his parents had to use their holiday money to buy a computer for the kids. On his 12th birthday he received the game World of Warcraft, to be able to pay the monthly subscription, doritos and cola he and his 2 brothers had to run 2 newspaper neighbourhoods. They used the username "Theodred" which later resulted into "Theo". A few years later the 3 brothers now each had their own computer, and all being able to pay their own subscription. Now going by the names of Theo, Darkwrath and Thror. All of them where lucky enough to get an invite for the closed beta of Hearthstone. Since that moment Theo spend a lot of time in the game resulting to being in the pro-scene nowadays. His younger brother (Darkwrath) decided to focus on school and moved out of the house early to get a good job and support his family, Thror is suspected to follow real soon. Theo who owns a Master of Finance decided e-sports is more important at this moment and focused on his Hearthstone career. In the past 3 years he has made about 1 average monthly salary. Theo hopes to grow in the pro-scene so he can support his family.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2017-09-03 B723nd A1Premier 2017 HCT - Europe Summer Championship $0
2017-06-18 C020th A1Premier DreamHack Summer 2017 6 - 3 Grp. S. $0
2016-12-03 A11st A3Minor Open Series of Hearthstone 4 : 3 Belgium Sjoesie $640
2015-12-23 A33rd A3Minor Sector One Invitational 3 : 2 Netherlands Mitsuhide $28
2015-05-05 A22nd A6Weekly Tuesday Night Hype #21 $0
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize Partner List
2017-08-18 A55 - 8th A1Premier 2017 Hearthstone Global Games 1 : 3 $1,500
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