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[e][h]Tempo Storm
Team Information
Dan "Frodan" Chou
Solo Achievements
World E-sport Championships 2014 (by TidesofTime)
Player Breakdown
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Tempo Storm is a Hearthstone team formed by popular streamer and player Reynad.


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2014 2015 2016
USA Frodan Dan Chou 2014-06-14 Y- A55 - 8th SeatStory Cup IV Y-
Iceland Kaldi Jökull Jóhannsson 2015-07-28 A99 - 12th DreamHack Viagame Hearthstone Championship B2Ro12 Hearthstone Pro LeagueDreamHack 2015/Summer Y-
USA Reynad Andrey Yanyuk 2014-??-?? A33 - 4th DreamHack Viagame Hearthstone Championship A22nd Legendary Series Season 2 - Finals B313 - 16th SeatStory Cup VI
Germany Gaara Petar Stevanovich 2014-??-?? A33rd World Cyber Arena 2014 A33 - 4th SeatStory Cup IV Y-
USA Ratsmah Johnnie Lee 2015-06-10 Y- Y- Y-
China Eloise Tang Haiyun (唐海韵) 2015-06-10 D333rd World Cyber Arena 2014 A55 - 8th Gold Series 2014/Grand FinalsCelestial Invitational/1 B313 - 16th The Curse Trials
USA JustSaiyan David Shan 2015-07-10 Y- Y- Y-
USA Reckful Byron Bernstein 2014-??-?? Y- A55 - 8th SeatStory_Cup/4 Y-
USA Vlps Victor Lopez 2016-10-14 Y- Y- C525 - 32nd SeatStory Cup VI
USA Trump Jeffrey Shih 2017-03-17 Y- Y- Y-


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
USA Hyped George Maganzini 2014-05-31 2015-11-?? Inactive
South Korea MagicAmy Hyerim Lee 2014-12-31 2015-02-20 ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
Canada Kitkatz Andrew Deschanel 2014-07-28 2015-01-27 ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
USA WeiseGuy 2014-11-28 2015-01-27 ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
USA TidesofTime Andrew Biessener 2014-03-28 2014-10-30 C9logo std.png Cloud9


ID Name Position
USA Reynad Andrey Yanyuk Team Owner
USA Frodan Dan Chou Team Manager
Iceland Kaldi Jökull Jóhannsson Analyst

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2014-09-07 A11st USA TidesofTime A1Premier World E-sport Championships 2014 $32,500
2015-10-29 A22nd Germany Gaara A2Major WCA 2015 - Europe Open Qualifier $3,000
2014-10-05 A33rd Germany Gaara A1Premier World Cyber Arena 2014 $27,625
2016-05-01 A33 - 4th USA Reynad A1Premier OGN Hearthstone Seoul Cup World Invitational $2,000
2015-11-15 A33 - 4th Germany Gaara A1Premier SeatStory Cup IV $2,000
2015-06-07 A22nd USA Reynad A1Premier ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series -Season 2 Finals $5,000
2014-06-16 A33 - 4th USA Reynad A1Premier DreamHack Viagame Hearthstone Championship $2,500
2014-04-27 A11st Germany Gaara A2Major DreamHack Bucharest 2014 $4,000
2017-04-30 A33 - 4th USA Trump A1Premier DreamHack Austin 2017 $2,050
2017-04-30 A33 - 4th USA Reynad A1Premier DreamHack Austin 2017 $2,050
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