StarLadder Qualifier Season 3 World Division

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[e][h]StarLadder Qualifier Season 3 World Division
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StarLadder and ImbaTV are proud to announce a third joint season of Hearthstone – SL i-League StarSeries. The SL i-League StarSeries season will see the strongest Hearthstone players from all around the world battle it out in exciting competition. The tournament will be divided into two divisions. The first division will bring together players from Europe, CIS and NA, while the second division will be reserved exclusively for pro players from China. The prize pool will amount to $30,000 USD, and will be distributed among the eight finalists. 5 strongest players of World division and 3 strongest players from Chinese division will play in the offline finals.

Prize Pool[edit]


  • Group Stage:
    • 2 groups of 8 players
      • Round-robin system
      • Top 2 of each group advance to the Offline Finals
      • 3-4th places of each group advance to the Last Chance
      • 5-6th places of each are eliminated from the season, but remain their slots at StarSeries
      • 7-8th places of each group are eliminated from the league
  • Last Chance: Double Elimination bracket for 4 players from Group Stage
    • The strongest player advance to the Offline Finals.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Russian Casters


Invited Players
Ukraine Neirea
Liquid2017logo std.png
Ukraine Kolento
C9logo std.png
Ukraine DrHippi
Virtuslogo std.png
Kazakhstan Naiman
Virtuslogo std.png
Russia Pavel
Logo filler std.png
Russia ShtanUdachi
Team Spirit 2016logo std.png
Sweden sjow
Liquid2017logo std.png
Germany BunnyHoppor
Virtuslogo std.png
Czech Republic StanCifka
Misfitslogo std.png
Sweden Orange
Alliancelogo2016 std.png
Germany SuperJJ
Complexitylogo std.png
Germany Xixo
Planet OddLogo std.png
Romania Rdu
G2esplogo std.png
USA Zalae
Luminosity logo.png
USA Fr0zen
Luminosity logo.png
Netherlands Thijs
G2esplogo std.png


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
1. Kazakhstan Naiman 6-1 18-9 +9
3. Ukraine Neirea 5-2 16-9 +7
2. Netherlands ThijsNL 5-2 17-11 +6
4. Sweden Orange 4-3 14-15 -3
5. Germany Xixo 3-4 13-11 +2
6. Germany BunnyHoppor 3-4 10-14 -3
7. Ukraine DrHippi 2-5 15-17 -2
8. USA Fr0zen 1-6 11-18 -7

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. Romania Rdu 6-1 19-7 +12
2. Czech Republic StanCifka 6-1 18-7 +11
3. USA Zalae 5-2 16-12 +4
4. Ukraine Kolento 3-4 14-17 -3
5. Russia Pavel 3-4 12-15 -3
6. Germany SuperJJ 2-5 13-18 -5
7. Russia ShtanUdachi 2-5 11-17 -5
8. Sweden Sjow 1-6 8-20 -12

Last Chance[edit]

 Netherlands ThijsNL
 Ukraine Kolento
 Germany Xixo
 USA Zalae
Winners' Finals
Losers' Round 1
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals

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