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Team Information
Organization: 2014-01-05

PENTA Sports is a German eSports club, founded in 2013 and officially launched on the 5th January 2014. The club is the result of a cooperation between the organizations Concordia Gaming, diamondZ e.V., KomaCrew e.V., KD-Gaming e.V. and LogiX e.V.[1]


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2015 2016 2017
Germany MaynardTcoX Marvin Heusinger 2015-07-13 A11st ESL Pro Series Germany/Summer Season 2015 A99 - 12th Assembly Winter 2016 I064th DreamHack 2017 Summer
Germany Zananananan Florian Marschner 2017-05-19 Y- Y- B616th DreamHack 2017 Summer
Germany Mikeboy Mike Miemczok 2016-11-20 Y- I064th DreamHack 2016/Valencia I064th DreamHack 2017 Summer
Germany Tucson Jannik Schmitz 2016-11-20 Y- I064th DreamHack 2016/Winter Y-
Germany bors Lars Bodach 2017-04-03 A22ndESL Pro Series Germany/Winter Season 2015 Y- Y-
Germany freddykuhl Frederik Brützel 2017-06-10 Y- Y- I064th DreamHack 2017 Summer


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
Germany Seeker Marco Rothaupt 2015-07-13 2016-05-12
Germany Nicslay Philipp Hehn 2016-05-26 2017-04-01
Austria Lemongreen Lukas Iciren 2015-12-01 2017-04-10
Germany RobinWho Robin Sachsenhausen 2015-07-13 2017-05-14
Germany Ikarus Lars Quilitzsch 2015-07-13 2017-05-14


ID Name Position
Germany Killarama Manuel Mahlich Chief Executive Officer & Co-Owner
Germany morpheuZ Andreas Schaetzke Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Owner
Germany Johannes Gürtler Chief Partner Officer & Co-Owner
Germany Valias Felix Graebeldinger Chief Operative Officer & Co-Owner
Germany shadjEAh Andreas Pullitzky Team-Manager CS:GO & LoL
Germany D3nnIs Dennis H.-Schulz Team-Manager HS & FIFA
Germany pischner Tobias Maiwald Player & Orga HS

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-10 A55 - 8th Germany Nicslay A6Weekly Pandaria Cup (Europe) #4 $0
2017-01-05 A33 - 4th Germany Nicslay A6Weekly HKG EU Thirsty Thursdays #11 $0
2017-06-08 A11st Germany Zananananan A6Weekly Good Gaming Americas Open #17 $50
2015-08-08 A22nd Germany Ikarus A3Minor ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2015 $853
2015-08-08 A11st Germany MaynardTcoX A3Minor ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2015 $1,706
2017-03-29 A33 - 4th Germany Ikarus A5Monthly ESL Premium Cup #3 Europe 2017 $0
2017-06-18 A99 - 16th Germany Zananananan A1Premier DreamHack Summer 2017 $675
2016-11-26 A99 - 16th Germany Nicslay A1Premier DreamHack Winter 2016 $750
2016-02-06 A99 - 12th Germany MaynardTcoX A3Minor Assembly Winter 2016 $0
2016-04-13 A22nd Germany Ikarus A6Weekly Meltdown Cologne $0
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  1. This is PENTA,