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Heroes are used to represent the players in a game, and always start off with 30 hit points. If the health value reaches zero or below, the hero is destroyed, and the player loses the game. There are currently nine free heroes, each belonging to a different class. For Mage, Warrior and Hunter classes players have the option of purchasing additional heroes, brining the total available heroes to 12.[1]

Each hero also has unique hero powers, an extra skill that can be played each turn for a cost of two mana. Although heroes don't have an attack value, they can equip weapons, giving them an attack, as well as a health bonus. With a weapon equipped, a hero will deal and take damage the same way a minion does during its attack.

In addition to the class heroes, there are some unplayable heroes that can only be encountered during the tutorial missions, as well as Lord Jaraxxus, which currently is the only playable hero that is also a card.

Class heroes[edit]

There are currently twelve heroes across nine classes to choose from, with plans to add two more heroes in the future, representing the Monk and Deathknight classes.[2] Every hero represents a major character from the Warcraft universe.

Hero Additional Hero Class Hero Powers
Anduin Wrynn Priest Lesser Heal
Garrosh Hellscream Magni Bronzebeard Warrior Armor Up!
Gul'dan Warlock Life Tap
Jaina Proudmoore Medivh Mage Fireblast
Malfurion Stormrage Druid Shapeshift
Rexxar Alleria Windrunner Hunter Steady Shot
Thrall Shaman Totemic Call
Uther Lightbringer Paladin Reinforce
Valeera Sanguinar Rogue Dagger Mastery

Other heroes[edit]

There are six heroes that can only be encountered playing through the tutorial, not including the class heroes. These can currently not be played as. Lord Jaraxxus is a legendary hero card for Warlocks, and is the only playable hero apart from the class-specific ones.

Hero Class Hero Power
Hemet Nesingwary Hunter Shotgun Blast
Hogger None None
King Mukla None None
Millhouse Manastorm Mage Fireblast
Illidan Stormrage Hunter Flames of Azzinoth
Lorewalker Cho None None
Lord Jaraxxus Warlock INFERNO!