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Fight Night is a show match/money match series organized by ESGN and features multiple games. Hearthstone was the first game to be featured, and Fight Night has since expanded to include StarCraft II (including Artosis as a caster) and Street Fighter IV, with all the action taking place at the ESGN studios in Babelsberg, Berlin and hosted by Frodan.

The Hearthstone edition pits two teams against each other in five Best of 5 series where each match won gives the winning team more money.


Team game format consisting of two best of 5 series where all 5 matches within the best of 5 series are played out. For each matchup the players are randomly selected with a wheel so that each player plays one match within the regular matches of the series. However each series has an Ace Match where the teams selects their ace for the last match. ESGN airs one match each day for 5 days from January the 6th to January the 10th for the first series, and from January 13 to January 17 for the second series. Each match is a best of 5 series too.

  • Each player has 3 decks, each of a different class.
  • Matches are Best of 5 in All-Kill format.
  • Both players pick their starting decks with the knowledge of their opponent's classes.
  • The winner of a game keeps his deck for the next game.
  • The loser of a game selects an unused deck.
  • The winner of a match is decided when he has eliminated all of his opponents' decks.

Cash prizes[edit]

The winning player of each match gets $250.

The teams as a whole will also win money but in the following way:

  • Their first match win gives them $250; Second $500; Third $1,000; Fourth $2,500; and Fifth $5,000.
  • If the team wins all sets in the team match without losing a single one (15-0 in sets), they will get a bonus $5,000.

So the minimum total payout is $3,750 and the maximum $15,500.

Total Cash won[edit]

Team USD Won Appearances
Dogehouse std.png DogeHouse $10,500 5
Liquidvalue logo std.png Liquid Value $10,250 4
Managrind std.png ManaGrind $10,250 2
TeamPartClarity.png Clarity Gaming $3,000 1


Start End Name Series Prize pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
2017-04-15 2017-04-15 Red Bull Team Brawl: Spring 2017 LeagueIconSmallPlaceholder.png RBTB $10,500 USA USA team pogchamp luminosity gaming
2016-02-06 2016-02-06 Red Bull Team Brawl LeagueIconSmallPlaceholder.png RBTB $3,000 USA USA ts TBD
2014-04-15 2014-05-14 Fight Night Season 6 $9,500 Germany Germany TBD TBD
2014-03-25 2014-04-05 Fight Night Season 5 $7,500 Germany Germany TBD TBD
2014-02-17 2014-02-21 Fight Night Season 4 $3,750 Germany Germany TBD TBD
2014-02-10 2014-02-14 Fight Night Season 3 $3,750 Germany Germany TBD TBD
2014-01-13 2014-01-17 Fight Night Season 2 $3,750 Germany Germany TBD TBD
2014-01-06 2014-01-10 Fight Night Season 1 $5,750 Germany Germany TBD TBD