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Crowns Esports Club is a Swedish Esport organization and a rebranding of the team.


  • October 4th - Crowns announces their expansion into Hearthstone with the signing of the swedish players Fluffy and Bozzzton.[1]
  • November 5th - Crowns add Deathboose.[2]
  • December 2nd - Crowns add KevveC as a player and manager for the team.[3]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2016 2017
Sweden Fluffy Elliot Karlsson 2016-10-04 A55 - 8th World Electronic Sports Games 2016 - European & CIS Qualifiers A55 - 8th World Electronic Sports Games 2016
Sweden Bozzzton Elias Sibelius 2016-10-04 Y- Y-
Sweden Deathboose Peter Laihinen 2016-11-05 A11st Nordic Championship 2016 Y-
Sweden KevveC Kevin Chan 2016-12-02 Y- Y-

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-15 A55 - 8th Sweden Fluffy A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games 2016 $5,000
2016-12-18 B717 - 24th Sweden KevveC A1Premier SeatStory Cup VI $0
2016-11-24 A11st Sweden Deathboose A2Major Nordic Championship 2016 $3,176
2017-04-15 A55 - 6th Sweden Deathboose A2Major Copenhagen Games Spring 2017 $0
2017-04-15 A11st Sweden Bozzzton A2Major Copenhagen Games Spring 2017 $876
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