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AtraX eSport is a semi-professional italian eSport team with a focus in stability and training professional players to create italian players capable of competing at an international level. AtraX started with a main interest for MOBAs, winning many italian only tournaments in Dota2 and LoL. They shifted focus on HeaerthStone and Overwatch recently, with astounding results in a national level.


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2017
Italy Romeus 2017-02-06
Italy Turna 2016-07-15
Italy Iniven 2016-10-05
Italy Snowman 2015-11-22
Italy BlueBanana 2015-10-??
Italy Yawgmoth 2015-02-??

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-03 A99 - 10th Italy Iniven A2Major Zagreb Gaming Arena $0
2016-12-18 A99 - 12th Italy Snowman A3Minor ZOTAC Cup MAGNUS Anniversary Challenge $78.39
2016-12-18 A33rd Italy Yawgmoth A3Minor ZOTAC Cup MAGNUS Anniversary Challenge $110.28
2016-12-18 A11st Italy Iniven A3Minor ZOTAC Cup MAGNUS Anniversary Challenge $1,045.15
2017-01-07 A55 - 8th Italy Iniven A6Weekly Tropic Community's Saturday Night Cup #6 $0
2016-06-26 A11st Italy Yawgmoth A3Minor Italian Spring Cup 2016 $1,102.89
2017-01-09 A22nd Italy Iniven A6Weekly Monday Night Community Tournament #82 $0
2016-11-13 A33 - 4th Italy Yawgmoth A3Minor 2016 Hearts & Spades $127
2016-11-13 B313 - 16th Italy Snowman A3Minor 2016 Hearts & Spades $0
2016-12-28 A55 - 8th Italy Yawgmoth A3Minor 2016 Hearts & Spades Open Tournament $42.09
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