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[e][h]Old Boys Zhou
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Chen Yao
June 14, 1990 (1990-06-14) (age 25)
Common Team Role(s):
Signature Hero:
Morphling Necrophos Lone Druid
datDota LiquidDota.com Stream Stream Weibo Tencent
2011-08-02 — 2013-09-02
2013-09-04 — 2014-02-10
2014-08-23 — Present

Chen "Zhou" Yao is a semi-retired professional Dota 2 player from China who plays for Old Boys.


Dota 2

A former member of team Catastrophic Cruel Memory, Zhou was picked up by Invictus Gaming in August 2011 as the latter organisation purchased CCM.[1] He attended The International 2011 along with SanSheng, xiao8, DDC and Ferrari 430, where he placed fifth/sixth and shared a $35,000 prize with his teammates. A year later, Invictus Gaming was invited in The International 2012 as well, with Zhou leading a roster comprised of Ferrari_430, ChuaN, Faith and YYF. They achieved a nearly flawless 13-1 record in the group stage and defeated Evil Geniuses in the playoffs first round, only to be sent into the loser's bracket by the reigning champion Natus Vincere. They nonetheless made it to the grand finals at the expense of EHOME, Team DK and LGD Gaming, and ultimately defeated Natus Vincere in order to secure the $1,000,000 champion's prize.

After a not as impressive performance at the next International, The International 2013, Zhou was removed from iG's roster.[2] A few days later he was announced as new carry player for TongFu.[3]

On February 10th, 2014 Zhou announced his retirement. [4]


With Old Boys

Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-09-28 A22nd i-league 0 : 3 Vici Gaming/Vici Gaming Vici Gaming ~$38,602

With TongFu

Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-01-06 A33rd Red Bull ECL 2013 Grand Finals 0 : 2 Invictus Gaming/Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming ¥10,000
2013-12-28 A22nd Fengyun Dota 2 Tournament 0 : 3 Team DK Team DK ¥15,000
2013-12-19 A33 - 4th G-League 2013 0 : 3 Team DK Team DK ¥10,000
2013-11-10 A33rd NEST 2013 2 : 1 Vici Gaming/Vici Gaming Vici Gaming ¥50,000
2013-09-16 A22nd Sina Cup Season 1 0 : 3 Invictus Gaming/Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming ¥6,000

With Invictus Gaming

Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-07-09 A33rd Alienware Cup 1 : 3 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere Natus Vincere $7,000
2013-03-09 A11st G-League 2012 Season 2 3 : 1 LGD Gaming/LGD International LGD International $32,000
2012-12-02 A11st World Cyber Games 2012 [Note 1] 2 : 0 Team DK Team DK $20,000
2012-11-18 A44th G-1 Champions League Season 4 1 : 2 Orange Esports Orange Esports $6,400
2012-09-02 A11st The International 2012 3 : 1 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere Natus Vincere $1,000,000




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  1. ChuaN wasn't able to attend the event due to being from Malaysia (since WCG's rules require that all members of a roster share the same nationality, i.e. Chinese in iG's case). He was subsequently replaced by ChisBug for the duration of the event.