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Team Information
Location: China China
Manager: Tong "CuZn" Xin
Sponsor: TongFu Porridge
Dota 2 Super League
Created: 2012
Recent Player Trades: 2013-09-09:
ZSMJ and Xtt in
KingJ and Banana out

TongFu's roster for The International 2013: SanSheng, Hao, Banana, KingJ and Mu.
TongFu's roster for The International 2012: Kabu, SanSheng, Awoke, Mu and Hao.

TongFu(同福)Gaming is an Esports organization backed by TongFu Porridge, a Chinese food company. Created in Sept. 2011, they are currently one of the top Chinese Dota 2 teams in addition to having a LoL division.


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On February 10th 2014, Zhou announces his retirement.[1] As the team stood without a carry player, and rumours of both KingJ and Mu leaving for a supposed Chinese "Dream Team", TongFu later announced that they would phase out their top-level Dota 2 team to focus on the amateur scene.[2]

March 30th, former HyperGloryTeam player SryFox debuts with TongFu.WZ for WPC-Ace Season 2 in the carry role. SryFox was released by HGT and it is unknown if Tongfu paid anything to purchase the player.

On August 23rd, 2014, TongFu announced that it would sponsor Team OB of YYF, DD, LongDD, Zhou, and 820.[3]

On the 24th of September, TongFu were awarded ¥50,000 for i-league's mistake in not inviting them to the qualification tiebreaker series after Team DK's withdrawl.[4]


On March 14th, Veronica and LongDD left the team, and were replaced by Banana and yAobAi.[5] yAobAi did not stay for long as he was replaced by KingJ on April 16th.[6]

In September 2013 TongFu switched carry players, as Hao left for iG and their carrier, Zhou joined TongFu.[7] A few days later more shuffling was due as KingJ went to RisingStars and Banana to iG. To replace them, TongFu acquired ZSMJ and Xtt.[8] TongFu announced in December that former TongFu coach and former Rattlesnake player Kabu will be replacing XTT in the offlane role. [9]

In the beginning of October, in the middle of the new WPC-ACE League, TongFu picks up one of the WPC selected amateur teams in the tournament, WPC Team A. Naming it TongFu.WanZhou, (TongFu.WanZhou is the latin spelling of "同福 碗粥" which translates to "TongFu bowl", the name of the porridge-product of their sponsor), the team has much to improve in the coming months.[10]


In March, TongFu acquired LaNm[11] and picked up three members, Mu, Hao, and Sansheng, from a vulnerable Pandarea team that was experiencing both investor problems and organizational upheaval.[12] The acquisitions coincided with the departure of initial members Gx, keke, and molu. The reformation was interrupted by the controversial departure of LaNm for EHOME in violation of his contract in May. This caused an uproar and created a divide between EHOME and the ACE team alliance.[13] With the eventual resolution of the incident, retirement of 121, and acquisition of Awoke, the team solidified into its International 2 Roster.

TongFu was a strong contender in the year's DotA tournaments, performing well in multiple major leagues. It was victorious in the East Qualifiers for the second International, but at the main event, Tongfu performed the worst out of the Chinese teams despite finishing 7/8th.

Following the International, the club underwent another round of reformation as a couple player contracts came to an end. Tongfu nabbed LongDD from Team DK to replace Kabu,[14] and Chan from WE's dissolution[15] to replace Awoke. While the new roster has not performed as well as other major teams in Dota 2, it was able to score a convincing 2-0 win at the WCG 2012 DotA Finals over LGD.

Following the unveiling of Na'Vi official courier in the Dota 2 store, Tongfu was the next team to announce a design for its own official courier.[16]


Following in the steps of LGD, TongFu established a DotA team in September, buying Kabu from Tyloo in one of the first examples of regulated inter-club player transfers.[17]

With an initial roster of Kabu, 121, molu, ccc, and lyly,[18] the club did not achieve any notable results in its first six months of existence, though it did place 3-4th in various minor tournaments.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Position Join Date
China xiaolv Lu Ming 1
China uuu9 Xun Han 2 2013-10-03 [10]
China SryFox Sun Youja 3 2014-03-30
China lpc Unknown 4
China Kabu Zhao Kai 5


ID Name Position Join Date
China YYF Jiang Cen 1 2014-08-23 [3]
China Zhou Chen Yao 2 2014-08-23 [3]
China DD Xie Bin 3 2014-08-23 [3]
China LongDD Huang Xiang 4/5 2014-08-23 [3]
China 820 Zou Yitian 4/5 2014-08-23 [3]


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China MTSTY Zhiwei Fan 3 2013-10-03 [10]
China An Zeng Yongdi 4 2013-10-03 [10]
China Merry Wen Jie 5 2013-10-03 [10]
China cjz Chen Jianzhe 6 2013-10-03 [10]

Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China SanSheng Wang Zhaohui 5 2012-04-01 [12] 2014-02-19 [2] Newbee Newbee
China Mu Zhang Pan 2 2012-04-01 [12] 2014-02-19 [2] Newbee Newbee
China ZSMJ Gong Jian 4 2013-09-09 [8] 2014-02-19 [2] Newbee Newbee
China Kabu Zhao Kai 3 2013-12-08 [9] 2014-02-19 [2]
China Zhou Chen Yao 1 2013-09-04 [7] 2014-02-10 [1]
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Xtt Xu Xuntao 3 2013-09-09 [8] 2013-12-08 [9] HyperGloryTeam HyperGloryTeam
China Banana Wang Jiao 4 2013-03-14 [5] 2013-09-09 [8] Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming
China KingJ Zhou Yang 3 2013-04-16 [6] 2013-09-09 [8] Rising Stars RisingStars
China Hao Captain Chen Zhihao 1 2012-04-01 [12] 2013-09-04 [7] Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming
China yAobAi Chen Ximing 2013-03-14 [5] 2013-04-06 [6]
China LongDD Huang Xiang 4 2012-10-11 [14] 2013-03-14 [5] LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
China Chan Chen Zhixi 3 2012-10-24 [15] 2013-03-14 [5]
China Awoke Ye Jing 2012-05-12 [19] 2012-10-24 [15]
China LaNm Zhang Zhicheng 2012-03-01 [11] 2012-05-12 [13] EHOME EHOME

TongFu "Coaches Team" sent to Nexon Invitational
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China YaphetS Bu Yanjun 1 2013-11-17 2013-11-25
China Sydm Tong Junjie 2 2013-11-17 2013-11-25
China zExBingo Zeng Cong 3 2013-11-17 2013-11-25
China LongDD Huang Xiang 4 2013-11-17 2013-11-25
China Kabu Zhao Kai 5  

Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Kabu Zhao Kai 2011-09-30 [17] 2012-10-11 [14] RattleSnake RattleSnake
China 121 Kang Jinming 2011-09-30 [17] 2012-05-12 [19]
Retired / Inactive
China keke Cui Jian 2011-09-30 [17] 2012-04-01 [12]
Retired / Inactive
China molu Wang Juncheng 2011-09-30 [17] 2012-04-01 [12]
Retired / Inactive
China Gx Gao Shunxing 2011-09-30 [17] 2012-03-09
Retired / Inactive


ID Name Position
China CuZn Tong Xin Manager

Team Achievements[edit]


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-11-01 National Electronic Sports Tournament A33 - 4th National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 1 : 2 LV Gaming LV Gaming ~$4,888
2013-08-11 The_International A44th The International 2013 1 : 2 Orange Esports Orange Esports $201,208
2013-07-06 Dota 2 Super League A11st Dota 2 Super League 3 : 0 Team DK Team DK ¥500,000
2013-01-07 G-League A33 - 4th G-League 2012 Season 2 0 : 3 LGD Gaming LGD International ¥10,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-05-15 A11st AMD Premier League Season 1 3 : 0 Team Zenith Team Zenith $3,000
Complete Results in any Tournament


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-09-28 i-league A22nd i-league 0 : 3 Vici Gaming Vici Gaming ~$38,602
Complete Results in any Tournament

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