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This Infobox is designed to give basic information about Dota 2 heroes.


Parameter Explanation
heroname The name of the hero.
image Hero image name, will probably be something like: "Hero_large.png".
team The team of the hero, radiant or dire.
mainattribute Main attribute of the hero.
basestr Starting strength of the hero.
strgain Strength gain per level.
baseagi Starting agility of the hero.
agigain Agility gain per level.
baseint Starting intelligence of the hero.
intgain Intelligence gain per level.
basedmg Starting damage of the hero.
basearmor Starting armor of the hero.
basespeed Starting movespeed of the hero.
sightrange Hero sight range, "Day / Night".
attackrange Attack range of the hero.
missilespeed Missile speed of the hero.
attackduration Attack animation "attack time + backswing time" an attack.
castduration Cast animation "cast time + backswing time" an attack.
attacktime Attacks per second.
magicres Starting magic resistance of the hero.
turnrate Turn rate of the hero.
hp1/hp15/hp25 Base health points at level 1/15/25.
mana1/mana15/mana25 Base mana at level 1/15/25.
armor1/armor15/armor25 Base armor at level 1/15/25.
damage1/damage15/damage25 Base damage at level 1/15/25.
position1/position2/position3/position4/position5 How often a hero is played in a certain position (always, very often, often, seldom, never).

Blank template with parameters

You can copy the code snippet below and fill in the parameters to customize this Infobox.

{{Infobox hero