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[e][h] Sheever
Player Information
Jorien van der Heijden
April 26, 1985 (1985-04-26) (age 32)
Solo MMR:
3752 (last update: 2017-04-14)

Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden is an English language Dota 2 content creator. She's widely known for hosting DreamLeague, her work at several Dota Major Championships and The International Events.


Jorien van der Heijden grew up as the third child in a village in the Netherlands. She liked games from a young age, being introduced to Warcraft III and the world of by her sister. She was a big fan of Tower Defense, and later also DotA. Sheever became serious about gaming with World of Warcraft, raiding with hardcore raiding guild 'Ascendence' for about 4 years. It was not long after quitting World of Warcraft in 2011 that she received a Dota 2 beta key. She started streaming Dota 2 on in early December 2011, switching to in March 2012.

Sheever entered the casting world when she was asked to help out with an amateur Dota 2 tournament. She was hired as a caster at GosuGamers in April 2012, remaining with them until January 2013 when they were disbanded. Since then Sheever has been an increasingly well-known independent freelance caster, host, panelist and interviewer for Dota 2, appearing in many well-known events such as The International, Starladder, and DreamLeague.[1]

In May 2017, Sheever announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and will take her leave from events for treatment.

Notable Events Casted or Hosted[edit]

Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2017-04-30 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Kiev Major 2017 EN Interviewer
2017-04-04 A1Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 EN Caster
2017-01-15 A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games World Electronic Sports Games 2016 EN Commentator
2016-12-10 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Boston Major 2016 EN Analyst
2016-08-13 A1Premier The International The International 2016 EN Analyst
2016-05-15 A1Premier EPICENTER EPICENTER 2016 Host
2016-03-06 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Shanghai Major 2016 EN Host
2015-08-08 A1Premier The International The International 2015 EN Analyst
2014-07-21 A1Premier The International The International 2014 EN Host
2012-09-02 A1Premier The International The International 2012 EN Commentator