Poor Man's Shield

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[e][h]Poor Man's Shield
Gold Cost
Poor Mans Shield
A busted old shield that seems to block more than it should.
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+ 0
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+ 6
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+ 0
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Poor Mans Shield
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Slippers of Agility Slippers of Agility Stout Shield


Poor Man's Shield (also known as Poor Man's or simply pms) is an Upgrade item listed in the Common section of the Home Shop.


Damage Block
Poor mans shield hi res.png
Targeting Type
Poor Man's Shield will always block physical damage from enemy Heroes. Gives a chance to block damage from creeps. The amount of damage blocked depends on whether the wielder is a melee or ranged hero.
Damage Block20 (Melee user)
10 (Ranged user)
Hero Block Chance100%
Creep Block Chance50%


It is an inexpensive, early to mid game item that blocks a small amount of physical hero damage all the time and physical creep damage sometimes. Poor Man's Shield is built from Stout Shield and 2 Slippers of Agility, all of which can be all purchased from the Home Shop and the Side Shop. It can greatly help some agility heroes tank harass damage in the laning phase, and slightly increase durability in other situations.

Because of its cost and great effect on early game laning, sometimes in competitive games a Poor Man's Shield is bought as a starting item while a team mate, usually on a support role, pools a regeneration item to the hero with the Shield. A common example hero that this is done on is Broodmother, who will start with a Poor Man's Shield, a Branch, and one Tango supplied by a team mate.

Recommended Heroes[edit]

Anti-Mage Bloodseeker Bounty Hunter Phantom Assassin Broodmother Ursa Naga Siren Spectre
Phantom Lancer Riki Faceless Void Juggernaut Slark Axe Troll Warlord Monkey King

Version History[edit]

Patch Version Balance Changes[1]
  • Nerf Non-hero proc chance reduced from 53% to 50%
  • Rework Tooltip changed to show actual block chance (no balance change)

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