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Newbee is a team that emerged in early 2014 during the Chinese reshuffle that happened prior to the fourth International tournament. Originally dubbed "Dream Team 2", the rumors started after captain xiao8 made a post on his QQ micro-blogging page after LGD Gaming's win in the Dota 2 League Season 4 in Las Vegas, saying "New start in 2014 after 3 years in LGD", forever Dream 5.".[1] The rumors later placed TongFu and Invictus Gaming members Mu, Faith, Hao and ChuaN in the team together with xiao8.[2] A few weeks later, the team was announced to be competing in the third season of the Sina Cup, but the roster was not yet revealed. As Invictus Gaming had announced that Faith would be staying with the team, rumors now placed ZSMJ and Banana in the team. After TongFu announced on the 20th of February that the team would step down from the competitive tier and focus on the amateur scene, and Banana was announced to be staying in iG as a backup player, many now saw the veterans ZSMJ and KingJ as the last two members of the new "Dream Team". On the 23rd of February 2014, the Chinese ACE Dota organization announced that the transfers were complete and the now dubbed team "Newbee" consisted of xiao8, Mu, Hao, KingJ and ZSMJ.[3] Later team Newbee announced on its QQ micro blogging page that the club was officially established on the 28th of February, and that a transfer fee of 500,000 RMB (~81,000 USD) had been agreed upon between the new club and xiao8's old team LGD Gaming.

The organization later also announced that former RisingStars player Sydm was part of the team in the role of coach, and former Noah's Ark player Li was the teams leader. Li is a veteran WC3 DotA player who played with xiao8, Yao, DD and DDC on team Dream, which may or may not have been the origin of the teams first rumored name Dream Team.

The International 2014[edit]

Newbee earned a direct invite to TI4 but struggled initially, finishing 7-8 in the second playoff phase before defeating LGD Gaming and Mousesports in tiebreakers for 9th place. However, they did not lose another series the rest of the way, first defeating Titan, Natus Vincere and Invictus Gaming to progress to the top 8 main event in the winners' side. At the main event, they defeated Vici Gaming and then Evil Geniuses to set up an all-Chinese grand final against Vici Gaming - which was also a matchup of two teams who enjoy forming deathballs. VG took the first game, but Newbee came back to take the next three and the $5 million first prize, including a 19-3 blitzing in the decisive Game 4 in just over 15 minutes.


  • April 2nd - Newbee announces a third squad, Newbee.Miracle.[4]
  • February 23rd - The team is officially announced on Perfect World's QQ micro-blogging page.[3]
  • July 21st - After nearly being eliminated from the group stage, Newbee take 1st place at The International 2014.[5]
  • October 24th - NewBee Young announced.[6]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China Moogy Xu Han 1 2016-09-17 [7]
China Sccc Song Chun 2 2016-09-17 [7]
Australia kpii Damien Chok 3 2016-03-25 [8]
China Kaka Hu Liangzhi 4/5 2016-03-25 [8]
China Faith Captain Zeng Hongda 4/5 2016-09-17 [7]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China JiaJia Tan Lijia 1 2017-01-09 [9]
China maomao Yang Shihao 2 2017-01-09 [9]
China kaidou Tan Yunxi 3 2017-01-09 [9]
China XiaoXiao Ma Junju 4/5 2017-01-09 [9]
China 折纸折纸 Luo Fuyu 4/5 2017-01-09 [9]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China xiao8 Captain Zhang Ning 1 2017-01-10 [10]
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2017-01-10 [10]
China Axx Bi Xia 3 2017-01-10 [10]
China Zei9 Wang Yue 5 2017-01-10 [10]


ID Name Position
China CuZn Tong Xin CEO
China CaoMei Zhu Chao Manager
China Li Peng Li Team Leader
Bulgaria IAmStaka Stoyan Stoyanov Creative Lead & Manager