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Organization Information


Mineski is a progaming organization, focusing on building the Philippine Esports scene by providing coverage and events within the Philippines. They also run an internet café called Mineski Infinity from Manila.[1]

Player Roster


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Philippines Bimbo Captain Ryan Jay Qui 1 2014-11-07 [2]
Philippines Bok Jun Kanehara 3 2016-03-27 [3]
Philippines Julz Julius De Leon 4 2015-02-17
USA ninjaboogie Michael Ross Jr. 5 2015-07-13 [4]
Philippines JessieVash Jessie Cristy Cuyco Sub/Coach 2015-03-05 [5]
Philippines Cast Mark Pilar Sub 2016-01-18 [6]
Philippines Benhur Benhur Lawis Sub 2016-03-27 [3]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Malaysia Nicxh Ng Aik Huang Nickhlos 1 2016-03-26
Malaysia KaNG Chua Soon Khong 2 2016-03-26
Malaysia JoHnNy Lee Siong Tait 3 2016-03-26
Malaysia XtiNcT Joel Chan Zhan Leong 4 2016-01-03
Malaysia XNova- Yap Jian Wei 5 2016-03-26
Malaysia WinteR Chan Litt Binn Sub 2016-01-03
Malaysia Kecik Imba Fadil Bin Mohd Raziff Sub 2016-01-03


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