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RaidCall Dota 2 League  D2L Season 5 LAN Finals
> 5 Jan
< 6 Jan

  Esportal Online Qualifiers
> 28 Nov

i-league  i-League Season 2
> 17 Nov

Dota Pit League Season 2  Dota Pit League Season 2
> 25 Sep

Star Ladder  Star Series Season 11
> 14 Nov
< 18 Jan

eSports_Champions_League  ECL 2014: Autumn
> 12 Sep
< 30 Dec

G-League  G-League 2014
> 25 Oct
< 27 Dec

XMG Captains Draft Invitational  XMG Captains Draft 2.0
> 31 Oct
< 21 Dec

Korea Dota 2 League  KDL Season 4
> 26 Oct
< 20 Dec

  BOCE Season 3
> 09 Nov
< 19 Dec

joinDOTA  joinDOTA Masters XIV
> 15 Dec
< 18 Dec

Beyond The Summit  The Summit 2 LAN Finals
> 3 Dec
< 7 Dec

DreamLeague  DreamHack Winter 2014
> 27 Nov
< 29 Nov

  IeSF 2014
> 13 Nov
< 16 Nov


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Latest Transfers
Date Player Old New Ref.
2014-12-20 Belarus fng None Polar [1]
Ukraine Mag
2014-12-16 Russia Slander None
Moscow Five International [2]
2014-12-16 Ukraine Bignum Moscow Five International
None [3]
2014-12-16 Denmark MiSeRy None
Team Secret [4]
2014-12-16 Israel Simbaaa Team Secret
None [5]
2014-12-10 Peru LeoStyle None
Union Gaming [6]
Peru Greddy
Peru Ztok
2014-12-10 Peru SiDeRal Union Gaming
None [7]
Peru ZndeRlz
Peru Angel
2014-12-10 Russia Solo Team Empire
None [8]
2014-12-05 Brazil Liposa The House Is Down
None [9]
2014-12-05 USA Korok Natus Vincere
None [10]
USA Fogged
USA Sneyking
USA Brax
Canada 1437
2014-12-03 Russia Sharfik None
ASpera [11]
Russia The_Apathy
Ukraine KSi
Russia CyberNet
Latest Dota 2 News
Read more at: Recent Tournament Results
December 17, 2014 - Balance Patch 6.83 is out
November 20, 2014 - Oracle is live and with it the Nemesis Assassin event for Phantom Assassin.
September 23, 2014 - Upcoming Balance Patch 6.82
September 4, 2014 - Techies is now live and also All Random Deathmatch!
  • The patch also includes some taunts, new multi-kill banners, and the All-Hero challenge. Read more...
August 13, 2014 - ESL One: New York is announced!
  • Will take place October 9-10th at Madison Square Garden Theater with a prize pool of $100,000.
July 9th, 2014 - Phase Two of The International starts
  • The 16 invited and qualified teams play each other in a round robin groupstage to advance to Phase Three.
July 8th, 2014 - The International 4 starts
  • The tournament started off with the Phase One qualifiers. The qualifiers decided what team, that finished 2nd in their regional qualifiers, who would get the 16th spot for the main tournament.
June 27th, 2014 - The International 4 prize pool is now over 10 million USD
  • More than two weeks before the event, the prize money reached the 10 million USD mark. With all the currently announced milestones unlocked, it is unclear at this point if Valve will add more of them. Read more...
June 2nd, 2014 - Evil Geniuses announces a roster change
  • EG's Clinton "Fear" Loomis has, for the last couple of months, not been playing with the team due to elbow issues. EG has now announced that "Fear" will be replaced by Mason "mason" Venne in all tournaments up to, and including, The International 4. Read more...
June 1st, 2014 - The International 4 prize pool has now reached 8 million USD
  • The amount of compendium, and in game point, sales for TI4 continues to help increase the prize pool. The community has now contributed over 6,5 million USD to the total prize pool and the number keeps rising. Read more...
Liquipedia News
May 23, 2014
  • Added new Infobox icons/updated old ones making them look better.
May 22, 2014
  • Updated player infobox links from to, let us know if anything broke.
May 10, 2014
  • New template to display participating teams and players for tournaments, {{TeamCard}}.
April 30, 2014
  • New template for showing cross wiki articles, {{Liquipedia links}} which adds image links in the top right of articles.
  • Store portal got it's own banner on the Main Page.
April 11, 2014
  • Semantic MediaWiki was implemented along with some other new extensions, report any bugs as you see them.
February 10, 2014
  • Added a template for displaying cosmetic items on the wiki, {{CosmeticItem}}.
January 17, 2014
  • Added extension using Valve's web API to fill out match detail, either in brackets or in full. Make sure to enable advanced editing tools in your editing preferences to see the two new icons (cogs) in your toolbar.
September 12, 2013
  • Added icon for matches in brackets with extra info in the match detail pop up box.
June 20, 2013
  • Main page was updated with another portal link (Patch) and two more tournaments in the Tournament List.
June 15, 2013
  • Countdown functionality has been added to Groups (Soon for brackets too).
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