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Player Information
Kuro Salehi Takhasomi
October 28, 1992 (1992-10-28) (age 24)
Approx. Total Earnings:
Alternate IDs:
kky, Kuro, secret
Signature Hero:
Rubick Visage Io
Solo MMR:
7985 (last update: 2017-02-05)
2011-01-25 — 2011-08-21
2012-05-04 — 2012-06-30
2012-09-16 — 2012-10-16
2012-10-17 — 2012-10-21
2012-10-24 — 2012-11-21
2012-11-21 — 2013-02-28
2013-02-28 — 2014-08-18
2014-08-27 — 2015-08-22
2015-08-28 — 2015-10-09
2015-10-09 — Present

Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi is a professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Team Liquid.


KuroKy currently lives in Berlin, where he grew up. [1] KuroKy suffered from disabilities to his legs, and would struggle to use his legs. He stated that this weakness was what led to him to play video games.

Defense of the Ancients[edit]

KuroKy played for a few German DotA teams before joining his first international team, mousesports, where he played with players such as Drayich. This mousesports lineup attended DreamHack Winter 2008 with Puppey acting as stand-in; this was to be the beginning of a long relationship between KuroKy and Puppey. KuroKy then joined Ks.int, which at one point had a total number of 9 players and looked more like a mix than an actual team. Some well known players in the DotA scene were on the team, such as Puppey, Vigoss and LevenT.

Dota 2[edit]

KuroKy's first public appearance in Dota 2 was The International 2011 along with the game's debut at Gamescom. He participated in the tournament under GosuGamers.net with teammates Kebap, Azen, and Mirakel. Unfortunately for them, they dropped all three group stage games and were eliminated by MiTH.Trust in the first round of the losers' bracket.

After the unsuccessful run at The International, KuroKy went on to play in several other teams with him as the star player; the teams included PANZER and 10,000th, which were also jokingly called KKy + 4. In May 2012, he joined Virtus.pro in the hopes to qualify for a spot to play at The International 2012.[2] They won their first round match of the West Qualifiers against mTw but were eventually eliminated by mousesports and zNation. However, he got his chance to play at The International 2012 when ComeWithMe ran into visa issues and mousesports invited KuroKy to the event in his place. A stroke of luck for KuroKy and the other mouz players happened when MUFC ran into visa issues and could not make it to Seattle, leaving an extra spot for the backup teams. mouz played a best of five series against World Elite to determine who would replace MUFC in the main tournament and they took the wildcard match handedly with a 3-0 score. The main tournament itself was not a success for KuroKy as he was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs and could not improve upon his results from The International 2011.

KuroKy joined mousesports on September 16 as a temporary member, along with Alex and Kebap, to fill their roster for SLTV Star Series Season 3.[3]

After a short and well received stay at Mousesports, KuroKy joined Natus Vincere on February 28, 2013 as their support player alongside former Ks.Int team-mate Puppey.[4] His first year on Na'Vi was very successful with many first place finishes and a second place finish at The International 2013. However, the second half of his Na'Vi career was largely disappointing and culminated in a 7-8th place finish at The International 2014. He left Na`Vi on August 18, 2014. [5] Following his departure, it was revealed on August 27th, 2014 that he was on the roster for Secret Team.

KuroKy initially played the carry position for the newly formed Team Secret but success eluded the team as their best result was a second place finish at Star Ladder. A roster shuffle took place and the addition of Arteezy resulted in KuroKy returning to the support position alongside Puppey once again. This new Team Secret roster was more successful than the previous and, having won 4 consecutive LAN finals, they approached The International 2015 as heavy favourites. However, Team Secret fell to a disappointing 7-8th place finish amidst severe internal issues that primarily involved KuroKy and Arteezy.

Following TI 5 KuroKy left Team Secret to form a new team, 5Jungz, with himself as captain. After a string of promising results the team was signed by Team Liquid. Team Liquid was able to win The Defense Season 5 and also finished as runners up at The Shanghai Major 2016 with KuroKy playing the joint highest number of different heroes at the tournament. After finishing in the top four in his last three consecutive LAN events with the most being recent, 2nd at ESL ONE Manila 2016, KuroKy led this team to a breathtaking five game series to 3-2 victory over the dominant Chinese team Newbee that had a 29-0 winning streak during the picturesque tournament EPICENTER at the Crocus City Hall, Moscow.[6] The pulsating series at the Russian capital over the course of a week saw KuroKy and his fellow team mates secure their maiden LAN win of the 2016 calendar year. In the Manila Major, Team Liquid was able to reach the grand finals, and finished as runners up once again. KuroKy was tied with 343 for the highest number of different heroes played at the event. After the majors, Team Liquid was invited to attend The International 2016.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2017-02-26 A11st A1Premier StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 Team Liquid 3 : 1 Vici Gaming/Team VG.J $135,000
2016-06-12 A22nd A1Premier The Manila Major 2016 Team Liquid 1 : 3 OG $405,000
2016-05-15 A11st A1Premier EPICENTER Team Liquid 3 : 2 Newbee/Newbee $250,000
2016-03-06 A22nd A1Premier The Shanghai Major 2016 Team Liquid 1 : 3 Team Secret $405,000
2015-08-06 A77 - 8th A1Premier The International 2015 Team Secret 1 : 2 Virtus.pro/Virtus.pro $829,333
2015-06-21 A11st A1Premier ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Team Secret 3 : 1 Evil Geniuses $118,481
2015-06-07 A11st A1Premier MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Spring Team Secret 3 : 1 Team Empire $108,816.75
2015-05-17 A11st A1Premier The Summit 3 Team Secret 3 : 1 Evil Geniuses $115,466
2014-12-21 A11st A1Premier XMG Captains Draft 2.0 Team Secret 3 : 2 Virtus.pro/Virtus.pro $96,860
2013-08-11 A22nd A1Premier The International 2013 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere 2 : 3 Alliance $632,364
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