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Player Information
Maurice Gutmann
April 27, 1995 (1995-04-27) (age 21)
Approx. Total Earnings:
Alternate IDs:
Signature Hero:
Dark Seer Faceless Void Lone Druid
Solo MMR:
7994 (last update: 2017-04-23)
2015-12-16 — 2016-03-21
2016-03-21 — 2016-06-21
2016-06-21 — 2016-11-06
2016-11-06 — Present

Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann is a German Dota 2 player and former HoN pro who is currently playing for Team Secret.

KheZu is famous for playing in many of the best HoN teams the last years, including the HonTour Season 1 winner Stay Green.


KheZu is one of the most noteworthy HoN players to switch over to Dota 2 and his transfer was noticed by alot of pro players. In HoN KheZu was a suicide/solo-player(offlane) where he excelled and even got an award for the "Most Valuable Suicide Laner of 2014", he likes especially farm-heavy, carryish heroes and he was the first person to ever reach 2100 MMR in HoN.

His main hobby outside of gaming is soccer and he is well-known streamer.

Heroes of Newerth[edit]

KheZu made himself a name in Heroes of Newerth as one of the more experienced suicide laners with many of tournament wins over the years. Khezu's first decent team was DmSn/KD which he INsania, Caspae, Malle and SmackDonald created in 2011. After that he played in teams like Blackfade, Team its Gosu, Gary Johnson 2012, stayGreen, Too much sugar and Sync eSports.

KheZu is the all-time highest earning HoN player, barely in front of Chessie and swindlemelonzz.

Achivements in HoN:

  • Dreamhon European Qualifier Winner
  • DHS 12 3rd Place
  • DHOSC 12 3rd Place
  • Destination Dreamhack 12 1 out of 3 Winners
  • Garena Star League 2013 Winner
  • Hontour Season 1 Winner
  • DHS 15 3rd Place

Dota 2[edit]

KheZu switched over from HoN to Dota 2 in late 2015 and was highly sought after in the roster lock period before the Shanghai Major 2016. He was first rumoured to be playing with 7ckngMad, Kebap, mICKe and iNsania, but ended up registering with Demon, jk, Zyzzy and Kebap, a team that disbanded after Kebap joined NO-VASELINE.

KheZu joined Eskillz, Steffstyle, Pablo and Ash on the new team COOKISS after roster locks, but was unable to find much success with them. In the post Shanghai Major shuffle, KheZu joined syndereN's new team No Diggity. The team was signed by Escape Gaming shortly before The International 2016 and managed to qualify as the final wild card slot. Escape had a lackluster group stage however, finishing 2-12 before being eliminated by Fnatic in the first round of the lower bracket.

After Escape failed to qualify for the Boston Major 2016, KheZu joined Team Secret, replacing Forev. [1] [2]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2017-03-13 A11st A7Qualifier The Kiev Major 2017 Europe Qualifier Team Secret 2 : 0 Alliance $0
2017-02-25 A55 - 6th A1Premier StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 Team Secret 1 : 2 TNC Pro Team $15,000
2017-02-09 A44th A7Qualifier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 Europe Qualifier Team Secret 1 : 2 Cloud9 $0
2016-11-13 A11st A2Major ROG MASTERS Team Secret 3 : 0 Execration $71,250
2016-11-08 A11st A2Major DreamLeague Season 6 League Play Escape Gaming 10/-/4 Grp. S. $10,000
2016-08-31 A33rd A2Major WCA2016 EU Main Qualifier Escape Gaming 2 : 3 Vega Squadron $6,785
2016-08-08 B313 - 16th A1Premier The International 2016 Escape Gaming 0 : 1 Fnatic/Fnatic $103,852
2016-06-18 A77 - 8th A1Premier ESL One Frankfurt 2016 1 : 2 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere $6,291
2016-05-21 A44th A2Major DreamLeague Season 5 No Diggity 1 : 2 $10,000
2016-04-21 A22nd A7Qualifier DreamLeague Season 5 League Play No Diggity 8/-/6 Grp. S. $8,000
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