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Series Information


After the big success joinDOTA have had with their Master's series, they've chosen to expand and open up a new series called joinDOTA Open. The tournament is a 512 teamslot competition that grants anyone a chance to compete professionally and be seen live on stream.

All games in joinDOTA Open will be broadcasted live by their own in-house caster, Tobi Wan Kenobi.


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up Teams Sponsors
JoinDOTA Open I
2012-05-11 – 2012-05-12 Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Gaming Dddotalogo std.png DD.Dota 350 GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Open II
2012-05-25 – 2012-05-26 Duskbinlogo std.png Duskbin Dotalogo std.png AliKuKu 124 GIGABYTE AMD
2012-06-29 – 2012-06-30 Potmlogo std.png PotM Bottom Znationlogo std.png zNation 223 GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Open IV
2012-07-13 – 2012-07-14 Dotalogo std.png Ninety-nine percent Evodota2logo std.png EvoDOTA2 271 GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Open V
2012-07-20 – 2012-07-21 Dotalogo std.png SpaceMonkeys Dotalogo std.png Xplicit 153 GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Open VI
2013-04-17 – 2013-04-18 Kaipilogo std.png Kaipi 4fclogo std.png 4 Friends + Chrillee 344 AMD


  • 512 teamslot open tournament
    • 512 teams sign up and are seeded into a single-elimination bracket.
    • Best of 1 series
    • Grand finals is a best of 3 series