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Invictus Gaming
Team Information
Location: China China
Team Captain: Wong Hock "ChuaN" Chuan
Sponsor: Personal sponsorship from Wang Sicong
The International 2012 World Cyber Games 2012 G-League 2012 Season 2 Red Bull ECL 2013 Grand Finals WPC 2014 ESL One Frankfurt
Created: 2011
Recent Player Trades: 2013-09-09:
Banana joins from TongFu


Invictus Gaming is the result of Wanda Enterprise director Wang Sicong acquiring Catastrophic Cruel Memory. The team was founded in 2011 and has DotA, Starcraft 2, and LoL teams.[1]

The team is managed by former Catastrophic Cruel Memory SC2 players xiaOt and GoMax.

Their teamhouse was located in Beijing, before they moved to Shanghai.[2]



  • August 2nd - Invictus Gaming iG.Z (iG.Zhou) is created after acquiring team CCM players Zhou, SanSheng, Xiao8, DDC, and Ferrari.[3]
  • August 2nd - Shortly after, LGD Gaming players YYF, ch, 830 and ChuaN also joins the organization with only captain ZSMJ staying behind.[4]
  • August 9th - Xiao8 and DDC leaves iG.Y (iG.YYF) to join ZSMJ in the reformation of LGD Gaming.[5]
  • August 24th - Invictus Gaming acquires Faith and Awoke from TyLoo to join iG.Z, in one of the first official transfers between Chinese teams.[6]
  • September 1st - iG.Y tries to acquire a fifth player, the transfer of EHOME player LaNm was blocked and they instead acquire beNz from PanDa.[7]
  • November 23rd - Invictus Gaming reforms into a single team consisting of Zhou, Ferrari_430, YYF, Faith and ChuaN.[8]


Created by the son of the 10th richest man in China, iG is envisioned as a fresh force to dominate the scene with both raw skill as well as an unprecedented level of professionalism and player compensation.

On February 20th, IG announced a six man roster; Hao left while ChuaN and former RattleSnake player Luo joined.[9] On March 9th, Newbee announces the addition of Banana, after talks with iG that resulted in a transfer to join former teammate Hao in Newbee.[10] Shortly after TI4, YYF announced his retirement on his Tencent Weibo.[11] On August 26th, iG announced that chisbug and June would replace YYF and Faith.[12]

After a disappointing performance at The International 2013, captain and carry player Zhou was traded for Hao, formerly of TongFu.[13] A few days later, another TongFu-player, Banana, joined iG, which set the player number to six.[14]

Despite winning SMM 2011, iG continued to struggle through team coordination and organization issues as all four of its main players scrambled for farm and Faith engaged in what was quickly dubbed "1 protect 4". While their individual skill and talent were unquestioned, iG was seen as weaker than either DK or LGD due to their inability to play as a focused team, which was reflected with losses in both DotA and Dota 2, despite their quick invitation to the International 2012 which they then proceeded to win.

In the months leading up to the International 2012, iG resolved its team issues and defeated DK and LGD convincingly in DotA capturing the G-League 2012 championship.

  • Created in August with the purchase of Catastrophic Cruel Memory, the strongest team in the scene at the time, the newly re-branded iG was seen as the new flagship of Chinese DotA.

The creation of iG.Y after poaching 4 of the members of LGD, historically one of the strongest teams in China, came as a shock just days after the purchase of CCM, now dubbed iG.Z. Having moved into the DotA scene with what seemed to be overwhelming force, the two iG teams represented what appeared to be the two strongest teams in the scene.

  • iG.Z and iG.Y: The prophesied domination, however, never came, iG (CCM) lost in an upset to the up-and-coming Tyloo in the Chinese WCG 2011 Finals and no longer seemed invincible to top level teams. Soon thereafter iG(CCM) lost Xiao8 and DDC to LGD as they left to reform a new LGD with ZSMJ, its previous captain and the only player who did not transfer to iG.

After purchasing Awoke and Faith from Tyloo for iG(CCM) and CH from Panda to complete the previous LGD squad, iG reformed into iG.Z (Zhou) out of the previous CCM and iG.Y (YYF) out of the previous LGD.

Weakened by the constant reorganization, both iGs would suffer at the hands of a resurgent DK and was defeated in both WDC 2011 and G-League 2011. It also performed poorly at the International 2011, with its unprepared players of iG.Z ending up so demoralized as to forfeit its final placement matches after being eliminated from the tournament and the iG.Y section unable to compete due to ZSMJ's refusal to temporarily play with his previous teammates under the LGD banner.

  • ReOrganization: Hampered by constant disappointing performances, iG eventually reformed its squad into a single collection of some of the best talents the Chinese DotA scene had to offer in the form of Zhou, 430, YYF, Chuan, and Faith. This new team, despite being hampered by a lack of team coordination and synergy resulting from the combination of 4 players who had all previously required large amounts of farm, nevertheless was able to win SMM 2011, which showcased the potential of a team so laden with talent.

Player Roster[edit]

iG in SeaTac: Ferrari 430, Faith, YYF, Luo and ChuaN.
iG at ESL One 2014: Ferrari 430, YYF, Faith, Luo and ChuaN.
TI3 Team: Ferrari 430, Faith, Zhou, YYF and ChuaN.


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China Luo Yinqi Luo 1 2014-02-20 [9]
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2011-08-02 [3]
China June Lin Shiyang 3 2014-08-26 [12]
Malaysia ChuaN Captain Wong Hock Chuan 4 2014-02-20 [9]
China chisbug Chen Li 5 2014-08-26 [12]


2013 - 2014[edit]

TI4 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Luo Yinqi Luo 1 2014-02-20 [9] -
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2011-08-02 [3] -
Malaysia ChuaN Captain Wong Hock Chuan 4 2014-02-20 [9] -
China Faith Zeng Hongda 5 2011-08-24 [6] 2014-08-26 [12] LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
China YYF Captain Jiang Cen 3 2011-08-02 [4] 2014-07-24 [15] TongFu.OB TongFu.OB
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Banana Jiao Wang 4 2013-09-09 [14] 2014-03-09 [10] Newbee Newbee
China Hao Chen Zhihao 1 2013-09-04 [13] 2014-02-20 [9] Newbee Newbee

2011 - 2013[edit]

TI2 & TI3 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China YYF Jiang Cen 3 2011-08-02 [4] -
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2011-08-02 [3] -
China Faith Zeng Hongda 5 2011-08-24 [6] -
Malaysia ChuaN Wong Hock Chuan 4 2011-08-02 [4] 2013-09-09 [14]
China Zhou Captain Chen Yao 1 2011-08-02 [3] 2013-09-04 [13] TongFu TongFu

2011 - iG.Z and iG.Y[edit]

ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Zhou Captain Chen Yao 1 2011-08-02 [3] -
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2011-08-02 [3] -
China SanSheng Wang Zhaohui 3 2011-08-02 [3] 2011-11-23 [8]
China Faith Zeng Hongda 5 2011-08-24 [6] -
China Awoke Ye Liang 4 2011-08-24 [6] 2011-11-23 [8]
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China xiao8 Zhang Ning 3 2011-08-02 [3] 2011-08-09 [5] LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
Macau DDC Leong Fat-meng 4 2011-08-02 [3] 2011-08-09 [5] LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China YYF Captain Jiang Cen 2011-08-02 [4] -
Malaysia ChuaN Wong Hock Chuan 2011-08-02 [4] -
China 830 Ji Xiaomeng 2011-08-02 [4] 2011-11-23 [8]
China CH Li Chen 2011-08-02 [4] 2011-11-23 [8]
China BeNz Lee Junchi 2011-09-01 [7] 2011-11-23 [8]


ID Name Position
China Insence He Bin Manager
China Efeng Liu Yuan Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-07-19 The_International A77 - 8th The International 2014 1 : 2 LGD Gaming LGD Gaming $519,208
2014-06-29 ESL Major Series One A11st ESL One Frankfurt 2 : 1 Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses $80,900
2014-06-02 World e-Sports Professional Classic A11st WPC 2014 4 : 1 Team DK Team DK ¥1,000,000
2014-04-20 Star Ladder A44th Star Ladder Star Series Season 9 0 : 2 Team Empire Team Empire $14,893
2014-01-19 G-League A22nd G-League 2013 0 : 3 Team DK Team DK ¥50,000
2014-01-07 eSports_Champions_League A11st Red Bull ECL 2013 Grand Finals 2 : 0 Team DK Team DK ¥100,000
2014-01-01 World e-Sports Professional Classic A22nd WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2013 3 : 4 Team DK Team DK ¥300,000
2013-08-11 The_International A55 - 6th The International 2013 1 : 2 TongFu TongFu $114,975
2013-07-09 Alienware Cup A33rd Alienware Cup 1 : 3 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere $7,000
2013-03-09 G-League A11st G-League 2012 Season 2 3 : 1 LGD Gaming LGD International ¥200,000
2012-12-02 World Cyber Games A11st World Cyber Games 2012 2 : 0 Team DK Team DK $20,000
2012-11-18 G-1 Champions League A44th G-1 Champions League Season 4 1 : 2 Orange Esports Orange Esports ¥40,000
2012-09-02 The_International A11st The International 2012 3 : 1 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere $1,000,000
Complete Results in any Tournament



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