Hero Attributes

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Hero Attributes are the three main aspects found in all heroes that determine the five scaling values of Hit Points, Mana Points, Armor, Attack Speed, and Damage.
These attributes are Strength Strength, Agility Agility, and Intelligence Intelligence. Attributes can increase by leveling up, taking points in Attribute Bonus, buying stat items, and using some abilities.

Primary Attribute

Of the three attributes, each hero specializes in one. This is called the Primary Attribute and it determines their attack damage. Each point in the primary attribute increases attack damage by one. Usually a hero's primary attribute will grow faster than the other two attributes. Every hero gains a constant amount of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence per level unique to their hero.



Strength increases maximum health and health regeneration.

Each point of Strength:


Agility increases armor and attack speed.

Each point of Agility:

  • Increases Attack Speed by 1
  • Increases Armor by 0.14 (every 7 points = 1 armor)
  • Increases the damage of Agility heroes by 1


Intelligence increases maximum mana, mana regeneration and spell damage.

Each point of Intelligence:

  • Increases Mana Points by 12
  • Increases Mana Point Regeneration by 0.04 (every 25 points = 1 mana regen)
  • Increases the damage of Intelligence heroes by 1
  • Increases spell damage by 0.0625% (every 16 points = 1%)

Attribute Bonus

Attribute Bonus (also known as Stats) is a passive possessed by all heroes. Each level of Attribute Bonus increases all attributes by 2. Attribute Bonus is distinct from the automatic attribute increases gained by every hero at every level. Just like regular abilities, heroes can place a skill point in Attribute Bonus by clicking on the stats panel. It becomes available at every odd numbered level. Though it is typically leveled last in favor of leveling abilities first, Attribute Bonus can be leveled a maximum of 10 times at levels 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17 / 19 at the earliest. Invoker uniquely gains +6 from his Attribute Bonus, which may only be leveled 1 time at level 25.

Attribute Bonus is a convenient way to compensate for a hero's early game weakness without filling inventory space. For example, heroes with very low Intelligence often take a few early levels of Attribute Bonus to improve their mana pool. Adding one level of Attribute Bonus is functionally equivalent to having a Circlet or two Iron Branches. Especially when behind or losing, it is statistically beneficial as an extra level up. For example, a level 3 hero with 1 point in Attribute Bonus is nearly as durable as a level 4 hero.

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