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Hero Attributes are three aspects found in all heroes. They determine the five scaling values of Hit Points, Mana Points, Armor, Attack Speed, and Damage. Every hero gains a constant amount of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence per level unique to their hero.

These attributes are Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

Primary Attribute[edit]

Each hero specializes in one of the three attributes. This is called the Primary Attribute, which comes with Perks.

Perks increase damage for all heroes, Status Resistance for Strength heroes, Movement Speed for Agility heroes, and Magic Resistance for Intelligence heroes.



Strength increases maximum health and health regeneration. If Strength is the primary attribute, it will also increase damage and Status Resistance.

Each point of Strength:

With Perks, each point of Strength:

  • Increases the damage of Strength heroes by 1
  • Increases Status Resistance +0.15% for Strength heroes


Agility increases armor and attack speed. If Agility is the primary attribute, it will also increase damage and Movement Speed.

Each point of Agility:

With Perks, each point of Agility:

  • Increases the damage of Agility heroes by 1
  • Increases Movement Speed +0.06% for Agility heroes


Intelligence increases maximum mana, mana regeneration, and spell amplification. If Intelligence is the primary attribute, it will also increase damage and Magic Resistance.

Each point of Intelligence:

With Perks, each point of Intelligence:

  • Increases the damage of Intelligence heroes by 1
  • Increases Magic Resistance +0.15% for Intelligence heroes

Version History[edit]

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Rework Reworked Hit Point and Mana Point regeneration formulas:
    • Each point of Strength now amplifies HP regeneration by 0.7%
    • Each point of Intelligence now amplifies MP regeneration by 2%
    • New formula for both is (Base Regen + Flat Regen bonuses) × (1 + HP/MP regeneration amplification)
  • Buff Added Perks for Primary Attributes:
    • Each point of Strength increases Status Resistance +0.15%
    • Each point of Agility increases Movement Speed +0.06%
    • Each point of Intelligence increases Magic Resistance +0.15%
  • Buff Each point of Agility now grants 1/6 armor
  • Buff Each point of Intelligence now grants 12 mana
  • Buff All hero strength growth increased by 0.3
  • Buff Regeneration coming from strength increased from 0.03 HP per point of Strength to 0.06
  • Nerf Reduced base HP regen by 0.25
  • Buff Intelligence's Spell Amplification from 1% per 15 to 1% per 14
  • Nerf Mana per point of Intelligence reduced from 12 to 11
  • Buff Base mana increased from 50 to 75
  • Buff Intelligence based Spell Amplification increased from 1% per 16 Intelligence to 1% per 15
  • Buff Starting HP increased from 180 to 200
  • Buff HP per strength increased from 19 to 20
  • Buff Hero base mana increased from 0 to 50
  • Nerf Mana per int reduced from 13 to 12
  • Buff Intelligence now increases your spell damage by 1% per 16 Intelligence points
  • Buff Hero base HP increased from 150 to 180

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