GosuLeague Season 5

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[e][h]Gosuleague Season 5
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Gosuleague Season 5 is a league style tournament with 7 divisions.


  • Round Robin with series played in bo2 format:
    • 2 points for win
    • 1 point for draw
    • 0 points for lose
  • Promotion and relegation:
    • First team from each group in divisions 2 and 3 is promoted to higher division
    • Last 2 teams from each group in divisions 1 and 2 are relegated to lower division
  • Tiebreakers:
    • 2 way tie: individual games, tiebreaker (bo3) in case of draw
    • 3 way tie: round robin tiebreakers (bo1)

Participating Teams[edit]

  • Division 1
    • Top 6 teams from last season division 1
    • Top team from last season division 2a and 2b
  • Division 2
    • Bottom 2 teams from last season division 1
    • All non-promoted, non-relegated teams from last season division 2a, 2b
    • 4 promoted teams from top of divisions 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d
    • Winners of additional qualifiers to fill out 16 teams if necessary
  • Division 3
    • Bottom 4 teams from last season division 2a, 2b
    • All non-promoted teams from last season division 3
    • Winners of additional qualifier replace teams that were disbanded or forfeited their spot [1]
Division 1
Natus Vincere Meet Your Makers Kaipi NEXT.kz
Svenhunterz 1,6 mousesports 2 Pulse eSports
Team Empire
Division 2a
 Pure Hard Dota  iNfernity Gaming.spire 3 Absolute Legends 6
 Gaming Republic 3DMAX 5  Telepathy
4 Friends + Chrillee
Division 2b
 North Lions4 We haz Asian  qop top  Not Found
uebelst gamynG Power Rangers  MDMA
Division 3a
 Time Out  iNfernity Gaming.int  Bans paiN Gaming
 HardWArena  Cheesus Christ  Mango Gaming
Division 3b
rat in the dark  Tactical-Force Lions Pride  Attuned Volumes
 World War Game!
 Infernal Canibus
 Guru Gaming
 Jetix Team
Division 3c
 TeamLicious  Dis Hero So Fores  Fedt man spa  Bashers
ROOT Gaming
 what what butt?
 Antiqua Tutor
Division 3d
 Swedish DotA Mafia  Team c4  pewpew gaming  pwn.tang.clan
 Dumbledores Army
Clan Poland
 mein mix

1 Played last season as GamersLeague
2 Zero were signed by mousesports.[2]
3 Due to Moscow Five disband, iNfernity Gaming didn't drop to division 3
4 Due to Team Shakira forfeit, North Lions didn't drop to division 3
5 Replaced Gamer University due to the team merging.[3]
6 Due to the merger of eVo and FUBAR into Svenhunterz, Absolute Legends has been selected as a replacement.[4]

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