G-1 Champions League Season 5

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G-1 Champions League Season 5
League Information
Organizer: 17173
Event Type: Online with Offline Finals
Prize pool: 400,000 RMB
Start Date: 2013-03-16
End Date: 2013-05-26


Season 5 of the G-1 Champions League boasted a Chinese record-breaking prize pool of over 330,000 RMB[1] 400,000 RMB[2]. The Open Asian prelims will have 32 slots for any team that can play on SEA servers. Only 8 teams will qualify in a single-elimination bo1 tournament and will compete against 8 professional teams for the online Asian tournament.

Tournament Format[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

A total of ¥ 400,000 is split among the teams as seen below:

Place  Prize (RMB) ~Prize (USD) Team
1st ¥ 250,000 ~$40,200 Alliance Alliance
2nd ¥ 80,000 ~$12,900 LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
3rd ¥ 30,000 ~$4,800 Orange Esports Orange Esports
4th ¥ 20,000 ~$3,200 Team DK Team DK
   5th-6th ¥ 10,000 ~$1,600 Team Liquid Team Liquid
¥ 10,000 ~$1,600 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming


  • Qualifiers
  • Main Tournament
    • 4 Asian and 2 Western teams compete for the the prize pool of ¥ 400,000.
    • Single Round Robin Bo1 for playoff seeding.
    • Single Elimination Bo3 ladder bracket.

Participating Teams[edit]

From the Asian Qualifier
Orange Esports Orange Esports Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming
LGD Gaming LGD Gaming Team DK Team DK
From the Western Qualifier
Alliance Alliance Team Liquid Team Liquid
Full team rosters are available here.


Group Stage[edit]

Round robin
1. Alliance Alliance 5-0
2. LGD Gaming LGD Gaming 4-1
3. Team DK Team DK 2-3
4. Orange Esports Orange Esports 2-3
5. Team Liquid Team Liquid 1-4
6. Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming 1-4

Click here for more details.

Elimination Stage[edit]

Round of 4
Team DK Team DK
Orange Esports Orange Esports
Round of 3
LGD Gaming LGD Gaming
Orange Esports Orange Esports
Grand Finals
Alliance Alliance
LGD Gaming LGD Gaming

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