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Flying Courier
Gold-Small.png 220    
link= Flying Courier Flying Courier
Losing the donkey is punishable by death.
Summon Flying Courier

Item Type

Bought From

Flying Courier
Recipe line1.png
Animal Courier


Flying Courier is bought from the Consumables section in the Main Shop. The Flying Courier is used to ferry items to players on the field of battle faster than the Animal Courier. Must be purchased after obtaining the Animal Courier to automatically upgrade it into a Flying Courier. The courier can be upgraded from anywhere on the map, without the need to visit a shop. The courier cannot use most items, but it can use a select few listed here.
The flying courier has a 4 minute 30 second stock time, meaning that it cannot be purchased until 3 minutes after creeps spawn.

If killed, 175 gold will be awarded to all enemy players. It will respawn at the fountain in three minutes. Any items it was carrying will be inaccessible until then.
The courier is invulnerable at the allied Fountain. The flying courier has 150 hp, 10 armor, and 350 movespeed. It is slowed to 245 movespeed while carrying an empty Bottle.
The flying courier also has 400 / 400 flying vision and a 6 slot inventory for carrying items.


Summon Animal Courier
Flying Courier.png
Ability: Passive
Upgrades the Animal Courier into a Flying Courier. This recipe does nothing on its own and requires an already existing Animal Courier to be upgraded.

Courier Abilities[edit]

Speed Burst
Speed burst.png
Ability: No Target
Affects: Self
The courier gains maximum movement speed for a few seconds.

Cooldown Clock.png 40
Movement Speed:
  • The Courier only reaches 419 movement speed when carrying an empty Bottle.
Magic Immuntiy
Courier Shield.png
Ability: Passive
Affects: Self
The courier is magic immune and not affected by spells.
Return to Base
Courier return to base.png
Ability: No Target
Returns the courier to base.
Go To Secret Shop
Go To Secret Shop icon.png
Ability: No Target
Sends the courier to your team's secret shop.
Return Items
Courier return stash items.png
Ability: No Target
Returns your items to your stash.
Retrieve Items
Courier take stash items.png
Ability: No Target
Retrieves your items from your stash.
Transfer Items
Courier transfer items.png
Ability: No Target
Transfers items to your hero.

Recommended Heroes[edit]

Crystal Maiden Tidehunter Venomancer Lich Ogre Magi Windranger Dazzle Lion
Keeper of the Light Warlock Witch Doctor Enchantress Jakiro Undying Wisp Treant Protector

Version History[edit]

Version Changes[1]
  • Cannot be purchased until 3 minutes after creeps spawn
  • While empty, Bottle causes couriers to move 30% slower
  • Courier no longer block neutral creeps from spawning
  • Courier Speed Burst from 100% to 50% MS bonus (still reaches max speed)
This primarily a factor when carrying an Empty Bottle. Without an extra slow, Couriers will still reach maximum speed.
  • Courier death team bounty from 150 to 175
  • Flying Courier cost increased from 200 to 220
  • Couriers are now invulnerable near their fountain
  • Basic courier is magic immune (like flying courier, most spells did not work on couriers already)
  • Couriers no longer drop items when they die
  • Couriers respawn 3 minutes after death, the items they have are inaccesible during that time
  • Couriers now give 150 to each enemy player, instead of 300 to the killer.
  • Flying courier no longer has invulnerability shield
  • Couriers can no longer place wards
  • Flying Courier cannot carry Observer Wards from enemy base
  • Flying Courier can no longer carry aegis
  • Removed Flying Courier Mana and gave it a Mana base upgrade ability

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Animal Courier

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