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[e][h]Evil Geniuses
Team Information
Team Captain:
Peter "ppd" Dager
Website Facebook VK Twitch Stream Twitter YouTube Channel Fanclub datDota DOTABUFF
The Summit 1 HyperX D2L Western Challenge World E-sport Championships 2014 Star Ladder Star Series Season 10 ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2 Dota 2 Asia Championships Dota Pit League Season 3 The International 2015
1999 - Organization founding
2011-10-24 - Dota2 division
Recent Player Trades:
August 14 - Aui_2000 is released from the team and replaced by Arteezy

Upcoming Matches
No upcoming games
Evil Geniuses (from L to R: UNiVeRsE, Aui_2000, ppd, Fear, SumaiL) pose with the Aegis after winning The International 2015

Evil Geniuses, often abbreviated EG, is one of the oldest North American professional gaming organizations. Ever since the foundation in 1999, Evil Geniuses is known to have highly successful players in every competitive game they feature and is by many considered one of the premier gaming organizations with some of the biggest names in eSports signed. Evil Geniuses is a member of the G7 Teams.[1] They currently have teams for the following game divisions: [2]

  • Dota 2
  • StarCraft II
  • Fighting Games
  • Halo


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After five months with the renewed roster, the team seemed to have fallen apart over the holidays, and in late January 2014 team captain Fear and off-laner UNiVeRsE was seen to stand-in for an up-and-coming team S A D B O Y S together with former HoN pros ppd and zai as well as up-and-coming Canadian player Arteezy. When Fogged was later seen to play for Team Dog the rumors that the rest of the S A D B O Y S roster was joining Evil Geniuses were already all but confirmed. With an impressive 16-2 game record with Fear and UNiVeRsE as stand-ins, Arteezy, ppd and zai were finally picked up by the Evil Geniuses organization on February 21st 2014.[7]
After several weeks of inactivity due to a wrist injury, Fear decided to go inactive temporarily, pulling himself out of several prominent tournaments (Including The Summit and The International 4), though he stayed in the scene by commentating and coaching EG to a first place victory at The Summit and a third place finish at The International 4.[8] To fill the empty spot EG named long-time standin mason as their fifth player as Fear's replacement.[9] Shortly after TI4, the team held a private meeting where it was decided that mason would be removed from the team.[10] On August 22nd, Evil Geniuses announced that Fear would return to active play.[11]

In March 2013, Evil Geniuses announced that the team captain Maelk became the new team coach and Dutch player SexyBamboe joined the team. The team also moved in to the new team house in Phoenix, Arizona, to start their training for The International 3, five months away.[12]. But after a lackluster tournament in August, changes were made to the team on September 19th, with former Dignitas players Fogged as well as UNiVeRsE joining the team. This also meant the departure of DeMoN, who had been part of the team since its Dota 2 beginnings in 2011, Bdiz and SexyBamboe.[13]

Pajkatt decided to leave the team to play with his countrymen in Loda's new team eXperience, starting in January 2012, and on the 22nd of February 2012 it was officially announced that he was to be replaced by Dominik "Lacoste" Stipic as well as new captain Jacob "Maelk "Toft-Andersen,[14] two former Meet Your Makers teammates of DeMoN, MiSeRy and PlaymatE. DeMoN is announced to be the official backup player. Even though having a six man roster the team struggled to field a full lineup at times and consistently used stand-ins, especially the two It's Gosu eSports players BuLba and Universe who were announced to replace MiSeRy[15], who wanted to practice more seriously and often than the rest of the team and thus following his former teammate Pajkatt to join CLG, Lacoste and PlaymatE on the 8th of May 2012 resulting in making Evil Geniuses a primarily American based team. Despite never leaving the higher tier of competitive Dota 2 one could see the team struggle in mid-2012 due to their danish captain Maelk rarely being available because of various vacations and other commitments. On the 12th September of 2012 rumours started that BuLba and UNiVeRsE left the team due to personal problems with some of the other team members.[16] In the same source, it was said that Jeyo from compLexity was to join to fill in one of the missing spots, but this was refuted by compLexity's CEO. Nonetheless, Jeyo had been standing in for EG under the alias '007'. Bdiz was playing as their fifth stand in. Both players were officially announced as part of Evil Geniuses on October 19, 2012.[17]

In October 2011, Evil Geniuses announced their new Dota 2 division including the return of two former DotA players, Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho and Clinton "Fear" Loomis. The first roster consisted of Amel "PlaymatE" Barudzija, Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho, Rasmus "MiSeRy" Berth Filipsen, Clinton "Fear" Loomis and Per-Anders "Pajkatt" Olsson Lille.[18] The team's first activity was travelling to China to bootcamp for the tournaments they'd participate in during their stay. Unfortunately, due to circumstances regarding renewing his visa, PlaymatE had to depart early due to visa issues and was temporarily replaced by the Chinese player Luo before SMM 2011. The team participated in three of the biggest Asian tournaments. They managed to get to the Quarter Finals in the second edition of the World DotA Championship and then proceeded to play SMM 2011. Evil Geniuses, having picked a unique strategy, was able to gain a convincing lead against MiTH.Trust in the Winner Bracket of the tournament when a player of the MiTH squad crashed. They were forced to remake the entire match due to a questionable ruling which states that the system which determines who was leading in the case of a crash is only applicable after a certain amount of game time has passed. Because of this and other problems regarding the organization of the tournament the team decided to boycott the tournament[19] and went on to their last tournament, G-League Season 3, in which they failed to make it past the group stage. After the players returned home and a subsequent brief break, they switched their focus fully to Dota 2. The team quickly reached the higher tiers of competitive Dota 2 and has never really left it since.

Player Roster


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Canada Arteezy Artour Babaev 1/2 2015-08-14 [5]
Pakistan SumaiL Syed Sumail Hassan 1/2 2015-01-05 [3]
USA UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora 3 2013-09-19 [13]
USA Fear Clinton Loomis 4 2011-10-24 [20]
USA ppd Captain Peter Dager 5 2014-02-21 [7]
Sweden zai Ludwig Wåhlberg Sub 2015-08-30 [6]


Evil Geniuses TI5 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Fear Clinton Loomis 1 2011-10-24 [20] -
Pakistan SumaiL Syed Sumail Hassan 2 2015-01-05 [3] -
USA UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora 3 2013-09-19 [13] -
Canada Aui_2000 Kurtis Ling 4 2015-01-05 [3] 2015-08-14 [5] Digital Chaos Digital Chaos
USA ppd Captain Peter Dager 5 2014-02-21 [7] -

Evil Geniuses TI4 'S A D B O Y S' Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Canada Arteezy Artour Babaev 1/2 2014-02-21 [7] 2015-01-06 [21] Team Secret Team Secret
USA mason Mason Venne 1/2 2014-06-02 [9] 2014-07-28 [10] High Council of Wizards&Priests High Council of Wizards&Priests
USA UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora 3 2013-09-19 [13] -
Sweden zai Ludwig Wåhlberg 4 2014-02-21 [7] 2015-01-06 [22] Team Secret Team Secret
USA ppd Captain Peter Dager 5 2014-02-21 [7] -
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Fear Clinton Loomis 1/2 2011-10-24 [20] -

First Dota 2 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Fear Captain Clinton Loomis 1 2011-10-24 [18] -
USA DeMoN Jimmy Ho 3 2011-10-24 [18] 2013-09-19 [13] Take Five Take Five
Denmark PlaymatE Amel Barudzija 4 2011-10-24 [18] 2012-05-08 [15] Eclypsia Eclypsia
Denmark MiSeRy Rasmus Berth Filipsen 2 2011-10-24 [18] 2012-05-08 [15] Counter Logic Gaming Counter Logic Gaming
Sweden Pajkatt Per Anders Olsson Lille 5 2011-10-24 [18] 2012-02-03 [14] EXperience Gaming eXperience Gaming
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Fogged Ioannis Loucas 5 2013-09-19 [13] 2014-02-21 [7] Team Dog Team Dog
USA MSS Arif Anwar 2 2013-09-19 [13] 2014-02-21 [7] Team Dog Team Dog
Canada Jeyo Jio Madayag 4 2012-10-19 [17] 2014-02-11 [23] Eyes of Tiger Eyes of Tiger
USA Bdiz Robert Tinnes 5 2012-10-19 [17] 2013-09-19 [13] Team Dignitas Team Dignitas
Netherlands SexyBamboe Alaan Faraj 4 2013-05-01 [12] 2013-09-19 [13] Super Strong Dinosaurs Super Strong Dinosaurs
Denmark Maelk Jacob Toft-Andersen 4 2012-02-03 [14] 2013-05-01 [12]
USA UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora 5 2012-05-08 [15] 2012-09-12 [16] Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming
USA BuLba Sam Sosale 2 2012-05-08 [15] 2012-09-12 [16] Team Liquid Team Liquid
Croatia Lacoste Dominik Stipic 3 2012-02-03 [14] 2012-05-08 [15] Darer Darer


ID Name Position
USA ottersareneat Alex Garfield Executive Director
USA Monolith Charlie Yang Team Manager
USA @Philip_Aram Philip Aram Assistant Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-21 Frankfurt Major/2015 A33rd Frankfurt Major 2015 1 : 2 OG OG $315,000
2015-10-18 MLG A22nd MLG World Finals 2015 1 : 3 Team Secret Team Secret $60,000
2015-10-03 ESL A55 - 8th ESL One New York 2015 0 : 2 Vega Squadron Vega Squadron $14,260+
2015-08-08 The_International A11st The International 2015 3 : 1 CDEC Gaming CDEC Gaming $6,634,660.68
2015-07-12 Dota Pit League Season 2 A11st Dota Pit League Season 3 3 : 0 Cloud9 Cloud9 $126,055+
2015-06-21 ESL A22nd ESL One Frankfurt 2015 1 : 3 Team Secret Team Secret $58,652+
2015-06-06 MLG A55 - 6th joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 0 : 1 London Conspiracy London Conspiracy $8,265+
2015-05-17 Beyond The Summit A22nd The Summit 3 1 : 3 Team Secret Team Secret $61,129
2015-04-12 MLG A22nd JoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1 1 : 2 Team Empire Team Empire $21,615
2015-02-09 Dota 2 Asia Championships A11st Dota 2 Asia Championships 3 : 0 Vici Gaming Vici Gaming $1,284,158
2015-01-06 RaidCall Dota 2 League A33rd Dota 2 League Season 5 1 : 2 Virtus.pro/Virtus.pro Polar Virtus.pro Polar ~$8,550
2014-12-18 Dota_Pit_League/Season_2 A33 - 4th Dota Pit League Season 2 2 : 3 Virtus.pro/Virtus.pro Polar Virtus.pro Polar ~$8,866
2014-12-07 Beyond The Summit A44th The Summit 2 0 : 3 Team Secret Team Secret ~$26,712
2014-11-29 DreamLeague A11st ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2 3 : 1 Cloud9 Cloud9 $40,000+
2014-11-25 XMG Captains Draft Invitational A55th XMG Captains Draft 2.0 6 : 8  League Play $17,018+
2014-10-26 Star Ladder A11st Star Ladder Star Series Season 10 3 : 2 Team Secret Team Secret ~$105,291
2014-10-10 ESL A22nd ESL One New York 2014 1 : 2 Vici Gaming Vici Gaming ~$26,000
2014-09-07 World E-sport Championships 2014 A11st World E-sport Championships 2014 4 : 1 Cloud9 Cloud9 ¥600,000
2014-07-20 The_International A33rd The International 2014 1 : 2 Vici Gaming Vici Gaming $1,038,416
2014-06-29 ESL Major Series One A22nd ESL One Frankfurt 2014 1 : 2 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming $30,000
2014-06-24 RaidCall Dota 2 League A11st HyperX D2L Western Challenge 3 : 0 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere Natus Vincere ~$28,666
2014-06-14 DreamLeague A66th ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 0 : 2 Mousesports mousesports ~$19,500
2014-06-08 Beyond The Summit A11st The Summit 1 3 : 2 Team DK Team DK ~$45,257
2014-04-20 Star Ladder A33rd Star Ladder Star Series Season 9 1 : 2 Team Empire Team Empire $26,062
2013-10-31 Electronic Sports World Cup A22nd Electronic Sports World Cup 2013 0 : 2 Team Empire Team Empire $7,500
2013-07-24 The Defense A33rd The Defense Season 4 1 : 2 Kaipi Kaipi $4,000
2013-07-21 The Premier League A33rd The Premier League Season 5 0 : 2 Mousesports mousesports $2,000
2013-07-14 ESL Major Series One A22nd RaidCall EMS One Summer Season 1 : 3 Mousesports mousesports $7,000
2013-06-17 DreamHack A33 - 4th DreamHack Summer 2013 0 : 2 Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming 25,000 SEK
2012-11-25 DreamHack A22nd DreamHack 2012 Winter 1 : 2 No Tidehunter No Tidehunter 50,000 SEK
2012-11-18 RaidCall Dota 2 League A22nd RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 1 1 : 3 Team Empire Team Empire $3,000
2012-06-17 DreamHack A33 - 4th DreamHack 2012 Summer 0 : 2 Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere Natus Vincere 25,000 SEK
2012-03-24 The Defense A33rd The Defense Season 1 0 : 2 Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming €1,500
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-09-19 A33 - 4th NVIDIA Game 24 1 : 3 Cloud9 Cloud9 $2,000
2014-04-05 A11st MLG T.K.O. America 3 : 1 Team Liquid Team Liquid $14,000
2014-03-09 A11st Monster Energy Invitational 3 : 2 Cloud9 Cloud9 $10,000
2013-07-07 A22nd American Dota League 0 : 3 Team Liquid Team Liquid $3,000
2013-05-13 A22nd WePlay Dota2 League Season 1 0 : 3 Alliance Alliance $2,500
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-04-28 A11st joinDOTA League Season 1 America 2 : 0 Team Liquid Team Liquid ~$1,421
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