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[e][h]Electronic Sports League
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Company Information
Profesionnal Gaming League
1997 as Deutsche ClanLiga
2000 as ESL
462 [1]


The Electronic Sports League, often abbreviated ESL, is an eSports league founded in 1997. It has over 2 600 000 registered members, thus being one of the biggest gaming leagues in the world, and organizes several Dota 2 tournaments and events.

EMS One[edit]

The ESL Major Series One, or EMS One, was a premier gaming competition, sponsored by RaidCall, for Europe's best in Dota 2. The best teams from Europe competed for an overall prize fund of $156,000, making it the largest independent Dota 2 competition when it was created. The EMS One featured both Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 and featured three seasons with four Cups each with $900 in prizes and topped off by live event finals with a larger $23,000 in prizes.

ESL One[edit]

The new ESL One, the successor to the EMS One league, will bring teams and players from all over the world compete in an eSports tournament unlike any other. Featuring the games Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Battlefield 4, the ESL One will feature events taking place in sports stadiums all over the world. The first, ESL One Frankfurt, will take place between the 28th and 29th of June 2014, at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt which will be transformed into a haven for Dota 2 fans from all around the world. Eight teams will be selected to take part in the event: a select few of the world's most notable teams will have invitations extended to them, whilst the bulk of the group will have to qualify for the event through a set of regional qualifiers operated by joinDOTA. Once in Frankfurt, the teams will face off against one another on centre-stage in the hopes of taking home the lion’s share of the $150,000 prize pool. Fans of the game will be able to further contribute to the prize pool by purchasing in-game items.


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up Score
ESL Major Series One Spring Season 2013 (2013.03.18-2013.04.21) Navilogo std.png Natus Vincere Roxlogo std.png RoX 2-1
ESL Major Series One Summer Season 2013 (2013.06.19-2013.07.14) Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses 3-1
ESL Major Series One Fall Season 2013 (2013.09.02-2013.12.08) Vglogo std.png Vici Gaming Fnatic origlogo std.png Fnatic.EU 3-1
Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up Score
ESL One Frankfurt 2014 2014 (2014.06.28-2014.06.29) IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses 2-1
ESL One New York 2014 2014 (2014.10.09-2014.10.10) Vglogo std.png Vici Gaming Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses 2-1
ESL One Frankfurt 2015 2015 (2015.06.20-2015.06.21) Secretdotalogo std.png Team Secret Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses 3-1
ESL One New York 2015 2015 (2015.10.03-2015.10.04) Vega2016logo std.png Vega Squadron Secretdotalogo std.png Team Secret 2-1
ESL One Manila 2016 2016 (2016.04.23-2016.04.24) Wingslogo std.png Wings Gaming Liquid2017logo std.png Team Liquid 3-0
ESL One Frankfurt 2016 2016 (2016.06.18-2016.06.19) OG RB logo std.png OG Navilogo std.png Natus Vincere 3-0
ESL One Genting 2017 2017 (2017.01.06-2017.01.08) Digitalchaoslogo std.png Digital Chaos Newbeelogo std.png Newbee 3-2
ESL One Hamburg 2017 2017 (2017.10.28-2017.10.29) Logo filler std.png TBD Logo filler std.png TBD -

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