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Radiant Hero
Earthshaker Large.png
Strength Icon Main.png
22 +3.2
Agility Icon.png
12 +1.4
Intelligence Icon.png
16 +1.8
24 - 34
Base Stats
Sight Range:
1800 / 800
Attack Range:
Missile Speed:
Attack Duration:
0.467 + 0.863
Cast Duration:
0.69 + 0.5
Base Attack Time:
Magic Resistance:
Turn Rate:
Level Changes
Hit Points:
Spell Amp:
Most played as
Base HP Regen: 0.5

Earthshaker icon.png Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker[edit]

Recommended Roles
Support.png Support Initiator.png Initiator Disabler.png Disabler Nuker.png Nuker

Like a golem or gargoyle, Earthshaker was one with the earth but now walks freely upon it. Unlike those other entities, he created himself through an act of will, and serves no other master. In restless slumbers, encased in a deep seam of stone, he became aware of the life drifting freely above him. He grew curious. During a season of tremors, the peaks of Nishai shook themselves loose of avalanches, shifting the course of rivers and turning shallow valleys into bottomless chasms. When the land finally ceased quaking, Earthshaker stepped from the settling dust, tossing aside massive boulders as if throwing off a light blanket. He had shaped himself in the image of a mortal beast, and named himself Raigor Stonehoof. He bleeds now, and breathes, and therefore he can die. But his spirit is still that of the earth; he carries its power in the magical totem that never leaves him. And on the day he returns to dust, the earth will greet him as a prodigal son.


Earthshaker fissure.png
Ability: Point Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Slams the ground with a mighty totem, fissuring the earth while stunning and damaging enemy units in a line. Creates an impassable ridge of stone.
Mana Cost dota2.png 125 / 140 / 155 / 170
Cooldown Clock.png 15
Damage110 / 160 / 210 / 260
Stun Duration1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75
Fissure Duration8
 1750 (Level 20 talent)

 Affected By: Partially blocked by Spell Immunity
The Nishian totem splits the earth to its core with tectonic force.
  • Units hit by fissure are pushed to either side of it.
  • Lane creeps and neutral creeps have limited pathing around fissure. They will often not path around the center of fissure, and will only go around if near the edges.
  • Damage and stun blocked by Spell Immunity, the wall is still created.
Enchant Totem
Earthshaker enchant totem.png
Ability: No Target
Point Target
Affects: Self
Damage: Physical
Empowers Earthshaker's totem, causing it to deal extra damage on the next attack.
Upgradeable by Aghanim's Scepter to become a point target ability, causing Earthshaker to jump to the targeted spot and cast Enchant Totem there.
Mana Cost dota2.png 20 / 30 / 40 / 50
Cooldown Clock.png 5
Bonus Damage1× / 2× / 3× / 4×
Buff Duration14
Cast Range900
Leap Duration1
Scepter AbilityAllows point targeting
Talent Cooldown3 (Level 25 talent)
 Affected By:  Can be Dispelled
Raigor's gorilla strength can destroy mountains.
  • Only increases base damage.
  • Does not stack with Double Damage Rune.
  • The totem glows when enchanted, which is also visible by enemies.
  • The attack has True Strike and cannot miss.
  • Jump takes 1 second to land regardless of distance traveled.
  • Aftershock is triggered at the end of the jump.
  • Once in mid air, getting silenced or stunned does not stop the jump or its effects.
  • Self casting the ability will make it behave in the original form, without jumping.
  • The jump has a cast point of 0 and a backswing of 0.2.
  • The buff can be dispelled.
Earthshaker aftershock.png
Ability: Passive
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Causes the earth to shake underfoot, adding additional damage and stuns to nearby enemy units when Earthshaker casts his abilities.
Damage75 / 100 / 125 / 150
Stun Duration0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 / 1.5
 Affected By: Blocked by Spell Immunity Disabled by Break
The earth trembles beneath the mighty footsteps of Raigor.
Echo Slam
Earthshaker echo slam.png
Ability: No Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Shockwaves travel through the ground, damaging enemy units. Each enemy hit causes an echo to damage nearby units.
Mana Cost dota2.png 145 / 205 / 265
Cooldown Clock.png 150 / 130 / 110
Initial Damage160 / 210 / 270
Echo Damage40 / 55 / 70
 110 (Level 20 talent)

Damage Radius
Echo Radius600
 Affected By: Partially blocked by Spell Immunity
Tectonic plates crack, mountains fold, and foes are crushed by the Echo Slam.
  • The echoes travel at a speed of 550.
  • Units killed by echo slam still produce echoes.
  • Damage blocked by Spell Immunity. Echoes are still created.

Talent Tree[edit]

Talent Tree
-2s Enchant Totem Cooldown 25 +600 Health
+350 Fissure Range 20 +40 Echo Damage
+50 Damage 15 +20 Movement Speed
+250 Mana 10 +10 Strength

Recommended Items[edit]

Standard Build
Starting Items Early Game Mid Game Late Game
Clarity Clarity Tango Magic Stick Boots of Speed NoItem.png Arcane Boots Magic Wand Blink Dagger Force Staff Aghanims Scepter NoItem.png
Observer Ward Iron Branch NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png NoItem.png

General Strategy[edit]

Whether blocking an enemy's escape, dividing their forces, or shattering the ground beneath gathered foes, Earthshaker is at his best when he strikes without warning. Whatever survives the aftershocks still has a swing from his mighty totem to look forward to.


Earthshaker's role as support revolves around positioning, map awareness, and timing. Earthshaker's positioning directly correlates to the effectiveness of his skills, where being on the border of a fight, aiming inwards, is ideal and almost always crucial to landing fissure on the greatest number of enemy units. Common places to be are at towers behind primary farming heroes because towers hide your presence and offer the element of surprise.

Stay out of enemy range when your spells are on cooldown. This can be mitigated by breaking line of sight or by purchasing survival-based items such as Ghost Scepter and Force Staff. Earthshaker works great against teams that create summons to push due to the fact that his Echo Slam ultimate deals more damage if there are more units hit.

Skill Build[edit]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Spell Earthshaker fissure.png Earthshaker aftershock.png Earthshaker fissure.png Earthshaker enchant totem.png Earthshaker fissure.png Earthshaker echo slam.png Earthshaker fissure.png Earthshaker aftershock.png Earthshaker aftershock.png Talents.png
Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 25
Spell Earthshaker aftershock.png Earthshaker echo slam.png Earthshaker enchant totem.png Earthshaker enchant totem.png Talents.png Earthshaker enchant totem.png Earthshaker echo slam.png Talents.png Talents.png

In general, Fissure and Aftershock are maxed first. A single point in Enchant Totem is taken at around level 4 to add another stun from Aftershock in many situations due to the low cooldown of Enchant Totem. Because Earthshaker's attack damage is not high at the beginning of the game, extra levels in Enchant Totem are both unnecessary and unhelpful.

Fissure is used primarily for initiating stuns on the enemy. The stun can help set the opportunity for other spells that are difficult to land on moving targets. Fissure is an effective means of trapping/protection, creating a wall to protect your allies and cut off enemy escapes. Other techniques involve timing your fissure to counter enemy stuns and control the team fight better, stunning the enemy to prevent them from repositioning or casting spells. This makes enemy damage output as inefficient as possible and disrupts their spell combos.

Early Game[edit]

Managing mana is very important for Earthshaker's early game. He starts with little mana and must buy items such as Clarity, Bottle, and Arcane Boots to keep up with costs.

Mid Game[edit]

Earthshaker becomes a roaming ganker that is known for his stuns and crowd control. Earthshaker can block lanes, disconnect foes from their allies, and ultimately be a chaotic presence in fights at a great range. Being active with Earthshaker and coordinating ganks are key to playing a successful Earthshaker throughout the game.

Late Game[edit]

Careful use of your ultimate is critical. You must land it when and where it will be most effective. This can often be a game winning move.

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes[1]
  • Buff Enchant Totem has True Strike
  • Rework Replaced Respawn Talent: +350 Fissure Range (Level 20)
  • Buff Aftershock damage increased from 50/75/100/125 to 75/100/125/150
  • Buff Level 10 Talent increased from +8 Strength to +10
  • Buff Base HP regen from 0.25 to 0.75
  • Rework Level 20 Talent from +10% Spell Amplification to +40 Echo Damage
  • Buff Level 25 Talent from +500 Health to +600 Health
  • New Added Talent Tree
  • Buff Echo Slam radius increased from 575 to 600
  • Rework Reworked Scepter on Earthshaker
  • Nerf Fissure damage reduced from 125/175/225/275 to 110/160/210/260
  • Buff Enchant Totem mana cost reduced from 50 to 20/30/40/50
  • Nerf Fissure no longer has unit targeting
  • Buff Fissure is no longer blocked by Linken's Sphere
  • Nerf Echo Slam initial attack is now the same Magic damage type as the rest of its damage (initial damage no longer pierces Spell Immunity)
  • Buff Turn rate improved from 0.6 to 0.9
  • Buff Echo Slam's Initial Damage, Echo Search, Echo Damage AOE increased from 525, 550, 500 to 575, 575, 575
  • Rework Creeps no longer try to path around Fissure; they will wait for it to disappear
  • Buff Echo Slam no longer ignores units that are invisible or in Fog of War
  • Buff Base movement speed increased from 300 to 310
  • Buff Strength gain increased from 2.5 to 2.9
  • Buff Enchant Totem damage increased from 75/150/225/300% to 100/200/300/400%
  • Buff Fissure range increased by 100
  • Buff Turn rate improved from 0.4 to 0.6
  • Buff Fissure range increased from 1200 to 1300
  • Buff Echo Slam now considers illusions as heroes (This affects Aghanim's Scepter upgrade as it does extra damage for each hero in the area)
  • Buff Aftershock stun duration rescaled from 0.3/0.7/1.2/1.5 to 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5
  • Buff Aftershock damage increased from 25/45/75/115 to 50/75/100/125
  • Buff Enchant Totem cooldown decreased from 6 to 5
  • Buff Enchant Totem cooldown decreased from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Nerf Echo Slam initial damage reduced from 165/230/285 to 160/210/270
  • Buff Enchant Totem no longer dispels if you animation cancel
  • Buff Aftershock AoE from 280 to 300
  • Buff Enchant Totem damage increased from 50/100/150/200 to 75/150/225/300
  • Buff Added Aghanim's Scepter to Earthshaker
  • Buff Echo Slam's Echo damage increased from 35/45/65 to 40/55/70
  • Buff Echo Slam's unit search aoe increased by 75
  • Nerf Echo Slam no longer counts corpses for damage Echo damage
  • Nerf Echo Slam now deals half bonus damage from corpses instead of full
  • Nerf Improved Earthshaker's movement speed from 290 to 300
  • Buff Rewrote Fissure to avoid Entangle and Impale based spell conflicts
  • Buff Improved AoE on Aftershock by 30
  • Nerf Fissure nerfed
  • Buff Enchant Totem cooldown reduced
  • Buff Recoded Fissure
  • Buff Now creates the whole crevasse instantly in front of Earthshaker, instead of over 0.5 seconds
  • Buff The crevasse is now always a straight line and no longer curves because of buildings or props
  • Buff No longer creates ground rippling effects along the crevasse
  • Buff No longer randomly fails to damage and stun hit enemies
  • Nerf No longer destroys trees
  • Buff Reduced cooldown/mana cost on Enchant Totem
  • Nerf Echo Slam dmg per target reduced from 35/45/65 to 27/37/57
  • Buff Fixed Earthshaker hotkeys
  • New New Hero

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