Earth Spirit

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Earth Spirit
Radiant Hero
21 +2.9
17 +1.5
18 +2.4
25 - 35
Base Stats
Sight Range 1800 / 800
Attack Range 128
Missile Speed Instant
Attack Duration 0.35 + 0.65
Cast Duration 0.01 + 0
Base Attack Time 1.7
Magic Resistance 25%
Turn Rate 0.6
Level Changes
Level 1 15 25
Hit Points 549 1,309 2,240
Mana 234 663 1,235
Armor 3 6 11
Damage 46-56 86-96 135-145
Less Most played as More
Position 1 2 3 4 5

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit[edit]

Recommended Roles
Hero roles Initiator Hero roles Disabler

Deep amid the Upland crags and cliffs there runs a seam of sacred jade long foresworn by highland minders. From this rare material, the likeness of the great general Kaolin was carved and buried at the head of a stone funerary army ten thousand strong—a force of soldiers and holy men, jesters and acrobats, carved by crafstmen and entombed for millennia in the dark embrace of the Earth.

What the craftsmen had not known was that within the strange seam of jade flowed the spirit of the Earth itself—an elemental force at one with the planet. When the force within the carved jade found itself cut off from the life's blood of the world, it gathered its strength over the course of a thousand years and dug itself free and into the light. Now the great Kaolin Earth Spirit strides the Upland roads, fighting for the spirit of the Earth; and in times of need calls forth remnants of his buried army still locked in the loving embrace of the soil.


Stone Remnant
Ability: Target Point
Kaolin raises a Stone Remnant from the depths of the earth to aid him in battle. Creating a Stone Remnant consumes 1 charge, and charges replenish over time.
Maximum Stone Charges:
Charge Replenish Time:
Stone Remnant Duration:
Cast Range:
 2 minutes
 Earth Spirit calls forth a remnant of his stone army, long buried with him in the dark embrace of the Earth.
  • This is an innate ability which is not skilled.
  • Kaolin begins the game with maximum Stone Remnant charges.
  • While dead Kaolin will continue to replenish Stone Remnant charges.
  • Stone Remnants are invulnerable, have no collision, and provide no vision.
Boulder Smash
Ability: Target Unit / Point
Affects: Units
Damage: Magical
Kaolin slams an ally, enemy, or Stone Remnant, knocking them away and damaging enemies the slammed target collides with. Slammed stones travel farther than unit targets and also stun impacted enemies.
22 / 18 / 14 / 10
Smash Distance:
Remnant Smash Distance:
Smash Speed:
Remnant Stun Duration:
Collision Radius:
Unit Cast Range:
Remnant Cast Range:
 500 / 600 / 700 / 800
 0.75 / 1.25 / 1.75 / 2.25
 It is with the power of a mountain that Earth Spirit strikes his enemies.
  • When point targeted, Kaolin will slam the nearest Stone Remnant within a 200 radius.
  • Knock back does not interrupt channeling or casting.
  • Destroys trees in its path.
  • Blocked by Linken's Sphere when cast on an enemy hero.
Rolling Boulder
Ability: Target Point
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Kaolin turns into a boulder and begins spinning in place to build up momentum. He launches himself a distance in the direction he is facing, damaging units he passes through but stopping if he collides with an enemy hero or is stunned. Rolling over a Stone Remnant will add momentum, increasing roll distance, roll speed, damage, and adding a slow to the hero Kaolin collides with.
16 / 12 / 8 / 4
Remnant Movement Slow:
Remnant Slow Duration:
Roll Speed/Distance:
Remnant Speed/Distance:
Collision Radius:
Cast Range:
Cast Time:
 Calling upon his connection to the land, the Earth Spirit draws loose stone to him, which forms a protective ball that he can use to roll short distances.
  • This skill will always go the full distance, a shorter distance cannot be chosen.
    Stops on the opposite side of the first hero it impacts.
  • Kaolin cannot attack while rolling, but may still turn, cast spells, and use items.
    Cannot use Blink Dagger or Force Staff while rolling however.
  • The Stone Remnant is consumed when used as a boost for rolling.
  • Destroys trees in its path.
  • The slow can be purged.
Geomagnetic Grip
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Units
Damage: Magical
Kaolin runs a magnetic charge through the targeted ally or Stone Remnant, quickly pulling it to himself. Enemies struck by the target being pulled will be silenced, and will also be dealt damage if the pulled target is a Stone Remnant.
Silence Duration:
Remnant Damage:
Collision Radius:
Remnant Pull Speed:
Hero Pull Speed:
Cast Range:
 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4
 50 / 125 / 200 / 275
 Like calls to like. Even the minerals found in the blood and bones of living beings are not immune to the call of the Earth Spirit.
Ability: No Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Magnetizes units in a small area around Earth Spirit, causing them to take damage over time for a short duration. Any magnetized heroes cause nearby Stone Remnants to become energized and explode, applying and refreshing the magnetize debuff on all units near the Stone Remnant. This process can repeat multiple times. Stone Remnants are destroyed in this process. Upgradeable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Damage Per Second:
Remnant Refresh Radius:
Remnant Explosion Radius:
Magnetize Duration:
Scepter Ability:
 50 / 75 / 100
 Grants Enchant Remnant
 At the Earth Spirit’s call, the minerals in the blood and bones of his enemies rebel against the bodies they find themselves in.
  • Total damage without refreshing: 300 / 450 / 600.
  • Deals damage in 0.5 second intervals.
  • When a Stone Remnant explodes from Magnetize, it doesn't immediately disappear. It becomes inert and then disappears after 8 seconds. It may still be used by your other spells in the meantime.
  • If any magnetized hero is affected by the silence from Geomagnetic Grip or the slow from Rolling Boulder, all magnetized heroes receive the debuff.
Enchant Remnant
Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Heroes
Earth Spirit temporarily enchants an ally or enemy hero, turning them into a Stone Remnant. After a few seconds the remnant shatters, releasing the hero and damaging nearby enemies.
Remnant Duration:
Release Damage:
Damage Radius:
Cast Range:
 Kaolin uses the elemental power of the Earth to temporarily petrify living beings, so that they might be conscripted into his stone funerary army.
  • Aghanim's Scepter cannot be dropped or sold by Earth Spirit.
  • Earth Spirit gains this ability even if Magnetize is not leveled.
  • The Enchanted Remnant functions the same as normal Stone Remnants.
  • Blocked by Spell Immunity.

Recommended Items[edit]

Standard Build
Starting Items Early Game Core Items Situational Items
Healing Salve Tango Clarity Boots of Speed Magic Stick Null Talisman Arcane Boots Magic Wand Veil of Discord Vanguard Heavens Halberd Pipe of Insight
Iron Branch Stout Shield Urn of Shadows Town Portal Scroll Heart of Tarrasque Scythe of Vyse Blade Mail
Shivas Guard Force Staff Mekansm

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