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Dota2 Professional League (DPL) - 中国Dota2职业联赛 is the first large-scale individual e-sports league in China. This tournament is hosted by Sports Information Center of National Sports General Administration, in cooperation with PerfectWorld, and organized by MarsTV. In 2016, the total prize pool for Season 1 and Season 2 is $1,100,000.

From DPL Season 3, the original Dota2 Professional League and D.ACE League are merged into brand new Dota2 Professional League, with 26 teams from D.ACE.


Date T# Winner Runner-Up 3rd Place
Season 1 2016 (2016.05.18-2016.07.17) 22 LGD Gaming Newbee Vici Gaming Reborn
Season 2(T) 2016 (2016.09.09-2016.12.31) 10 Newbee iG Vitality LGD Gaming
Season 2(S) 2016 (2016.09.19-2016.12.13) 10 VGJ.Thunder For The Dream Newbee Young
Season 3(T) 2017 (2017.03.15-2017.04.16) 12 Newbee LGD Gaming Vici Gaming
Invictus Gaming
Season 3(S) 2017 (2017.03.20-2017.04.20) 14 EHOME Team MAX For The Dream
Season 4(T) 2017 (2017.09.30-2017.11.12) 9 LGD.Forever Young Newbee VGJ.Thunder
Season 4(S) 2017 (2017.10.02-2017.11.06) 14 VG Potential For The Dream Team Waooo

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