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[e][h] Capitalist
Capitalist ESL One Frankfurt 2015.jpg
Player Information
Austin Walsh
Alternate IDs:
DotaCapitalist, The Capitalist, 989
Signature Hero:
Tusk Disruptor Abaddon
Solo MMR:
6393 (last update: 2017-05-16)
2013-01-04 — 2013-??-??

Austin "Capitalist" Walsh is an independent Dota 2 caster and content creator. He has also played Dota 2 at a semi-professional level with teams such as Gamer University and Vegetables Esports Club.


Austin began his casting career in Heroes of Newerth, casting for the popular site GameReplays.[1] He got his start casting Dota 2 alongside TobiWan and joined the joinDOTA casting studio in November of 2013.[2]

In August of 2016, Austin announced that he would be leaving joinDOTA and returning to the United States in order to pursue a career as an independent broadcaster.[3]


  • Served in the United States Marine Corps.[1]

Notable Events Casted or Hosted[edit]

Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2017-04-30 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Kiev Major 2017 EN Commentator
2017-04-04 A1Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 EN Caster
2017-01-15 A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games World Electronic Sports Games 2016 EN Commentator
2016-12-10 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Boston Major 2016 EN Commentator
2016-08-13 A1Premier The International The International 2016 EN Commentator
2016-06-12 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Manila Major 2016 EN Commentator
2016-03-06 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Shanghai Major 2016 EN Commentator/Analyst
2015-11-21 A1Premier Dota Major Championships The Frankfurt Major 2015 Onsite Commentator
2015-08-08 A1Premier The International The International 2015 EN Commentator
2014-07-21 A1Premier The International The International 2014 EN Commentator




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