Belt of Strength

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[e][h]Belt of Strength
Gold Cost
Belt of Strength
A valued accessory for improving vitality.

+ 6

+ 0

+ 0
Item Type:
Bought From:
Power Treads Necronomicon Skull Basher Sange

Belt of Strength


Belt of Strength is an early game item purchasable from the Attributes section of the Home Shop and Side Shop. It builds into a variety of mid game items, the most common being Power Treads. It is valued by players more highly than its other attribute counterparts because it is a strength item, giving the wearer additional HP.

Recommended Heroes[edit]

Belt of Strength should only be used as a component for its upgrades, but the added HP from the additional strength can be helpful over some of the other various components. Generally when intelligence heroes want to construct Power Treads, obtaining Belt of Strength after Boots of Speed is the recommended order because of the bonus HP being more important than the bonus attack speed of Gloves of Haste.

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