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[e][h] Ayesee
Player Information
Aaron Chambers
December 5, 1984 (1984-12-05) (age 32)

Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers is a Dota 2 caster who has been working in eSports since early 2011.


Worked as a radio broadcaster in his teens and early 20s before owning and operating a print publication. Began his eSports broadcasting work with StarCraft II in 2011 before moving to Dota 2 at the beginning of 2012.[1]

Ayesee currently casts the RaidCall Dota 2 League full time, recently he has started casting the G-1 Champions League Season 5 with Puppey, Brax, Fear, Maelk and other guests. He was one of the six broadcasters to provide commentary for The International 2012 hosted by Valve, and will likewise be a lead broadcaster at The International 2013.[2] He will also be providing Dota 2 commentary at DreamHack Summer 2013 and DreamHack Valencia 2013.[3]

After Dota 2 League Season 5, Ayesee was invited to cast The International 2015 qualifiers and after that he took a small break from casting, he later returned to the Dota scene by being invited to the StarLadder i-League Invitational and WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3. He was also invited to cast The International 2016 qualifiers.





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