Razer Rising Stars Season 1: Europe

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[e][h]Razer Rising Stars Season 1: Europe
Razer Rising Stars EU.png
League Information
Game Version:
Europe Europe
Group Stage (Bo2)
Prize pool:
Start Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Cobblestone • Dust II • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train
Number of Teams:


Broadcast Talent[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

$28,000 (USD) are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place $ USD Team
Gold.png 1st $10,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Silver.png 2nd $5,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Bronze.png 3rd $3,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
Copper.png 4th $2,000 Logo filler std.png TBD
5th - Logo filler std.png TBD
6th - Logo filler std.png TBD
7th - Logo filler std.png TBD
8th - Logo filler std.png TBD
9th - Logo filler std.png TBD
10th - Logo filler std.png TBD
11th - Logo filler std.png TBD
12th - Logo filler std.png TBD
13th-16th - Csgologo std.png HeyGuys
Team AGGlogo std.png Team AGG
Ldlclogo std.png Team LDLC.com
Kinguin std.png Team Kinguin


1Germany kzy 
2Germany crisby 
3Germany keev 
4Germany tiziaN 
5Germany syrsoN 
1Bosnia and Herzegovina BENDJI 
2Bosnia and Herzegovina DUMAS 
3Sweden robiin 
4Sweden KAB0M 
5Sweden darti 
Heroic6, 10, & 11
1Denmark Friis 
2Sweden MODDII 
3Denmark gla1ve 
4Denmark valde 
5Denmark Snappi 
Team Kinguin4, 5, 12
1Poland MICHU 
2Poland SZPERO 
3Poland innocent 
4Poland mouz 
5Poland MINISE 
Team LDLC.com12
1France BouLy 
2France matHEND 
3Belgium Ex6TenZ 
4Belgium to1nou 
5United Kingdom ALEX 
Mortal Kombat9
1Bulgaria spyleadeR 
2Bulgaria dream3r 
3Bulgaria v1c7oR 
4Bulgaria bubble 
5Bulgaria nkl 
Tricked Esport12
1Denmark HUNDEN 
2Denmark JUGI 
3Denmark es3tag 
4Denmark maeVe 
5Denmark b0RUP 
Team AGG8, 12
1Poland rallen 
2Poland Furlan 
3Poland GruBy 
4Poland Hyper 
5Poland repo 
6Poland peet 
HeyGuys1, 2, 7
1Sweden st^ 
2Sweden Krewmer 
3Denmark tabu 
4Hungary rmL 
5Space filler flag.png TBD 
1 ex-Epiphany Bolt join Team Orbit
2 Team Orbit drop their roster, who now go by HeyGuys
3 Property are replaced by Playzone
4 Lounge Gaming drop their roster, who now go by Dobry&Gaming
5 Dobry&Gaming join Team Kinguin
6 Copenhagen Wolves cease operations, team now goes by unu.AiN
7 HeyGuys withdraw from Razer Rising Stars Europe
8 Team AGG replace repo with peet
9 The roster of Team Orbit leaves the organization
10 unu.AiN disbands. Their spot is taken by Team X, after acquiring three of their players, Denmark gla1ve, Denmark valde, and Denmark Snappi
11 Team X form their own organization, called Heroic.
12 January 31, 2017 - The league is resumed after a six month hiatus, Team LDLC.com, Team AGG and Team Kinguin will no longer participate. Tricked Esport, Wizards e-Sports Club and Team123 will assume the places of Escape Gaming, PlayZone and Iwku Gaming, respectively.
13 February 28, 2017 - Team123 are signed by eFuture


Group Stage[edit]

League Ladder
1. Space Soldierslogo std.png Space Soldiers 8-1-2 285-198 +87 25p
2. Mortalkombatlogo std.png Mortal Kombat 6-5-2 329-261 +68 23p
3. Alternatelogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX 6-1-1 140-114 +26 19p
4. Heroiclogo std.png Heroic 5-4-0 243-194 +49 19p
5. Pentalogo std.png PENTA Sports 5-3-3 248-195 +53 18p
6. Denddlogo std.png DenDD 5-3-4 281-308 -27 18p
7. BPro Gaminglogo std.png BPro Gaming 3-3-5 241-308 -67 12p
8. Tricked 2017logo std.png Tricked Esport 2-5-1 186-190 -4 11p
9. Pridegaming24.png Pride Gaming 2-4-5 237-291 -54 10p
10. Efuturelogo std.png eFuture.dk 2-3-4 186-225 -39 9p
11. Wizards 2016-1logo std.png Wizards e-Sports Club 1-5-4 218-237 -29 8p
12. ESubalogo std.png eSuba 1-2-8 178-326 -148 5p
13. Team AGGlogo std.png Team AGG 0-0-15 259-178 +81 0p
13. Kinguin std.png Team Kinguin 0-0-15 199-187 +12 0p
13. Ldlclogo std.png Team LDLC.com 0-0-15 232-234 -2 0p
13. Csgologo std.png HeyGuys 0-0-15 0-0 0 0p

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For detailed results for Week 7 to 12, click here.
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