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Team Information
Philippines Yamyam "Yam" Villanueva
Team Captain:
Philippines Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan
Total Earnings:
January 2016

Mineski (often abbreviated as Mski) is an Filipino eSports organization founded in 2007 who used to be mainly known for their competitive DotA and Dota 2 background. The organization created their own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team during the start of 2016 baring the core members of Kingsmen.


On January 11th, 2016, the Filipino eSports organization, Mineski, acquired the then-on back-to-back champion of the only CS:GO tournament in the Philippines, Mineski's The Shoot-out. Getziimov, BabyBoy, dispenser and Hannibal were acquired and signed with the organization for to be the latter's first-ever CS:GO team.

After the "The Shoot-out", the squad signed their former team mate, DubsteP, after he left his former team, Expendables.

The team debuted in the IEM Taiwan Qualifiers where they would obtain eighth, which would put them in the SEA's map of the CS:GO scene.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Philippines Hannibal Dominic Fajardo 2016-01-11
Philippines dispenser Kevin Te 2016-01-11
Philippines DubsteP Captain Jayvee Paguirigan 2016-01-11
Philippines Retrac James Carter Ang 2016-??-??
Philippines Yonggi Ronard Tecson 2016-11-25 [1]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Philippines BabyBoy Ryan Crisostomo 2016-01-11 2016-11-25 [1]
Philippines Getziimov Stephen Doron 2016-08-?? 2016-??-?? Imperium std.png Imperium Pro Team
Philippines Getziimov Stephen Doron 2016-01-11 2016-06-?? 5Peakslogo std.png 5Peaks


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2017-10-20 B313 - 15th A2Major Csgo icon.png eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2017 14 - 16 Entity 2017 std.png $1,000
2017-09-24 A55 - 8th A7Qualifier Csgo icon.png Intel Extreme Masters XII - Oakland: East & Southeast Asia Qualifier 0 : 2 Team MVPlogo std.png $0
2017-08-26 A22nd A3Minor Csgo icon.png ESEA Season 25: Open Division - Asia-Pacific 0 : 2 Aerowolf std.png $500
2017-08-20 A11st A3Minor Csgo icon.png ROG Masters 2017 - Philippines 2 : 0 Csgologo std.png $1,457.71
2017-06-21 A44th A3Minor Csgo icon.png Razer Rising Stars Season 1: South-East Asia 5/3/1 Grp. S. $250
2017-05-15 A66th A3Minor Csgo icon.png BeyondGodlike SEA CS:GO League - Season 1 1/6/2 Grp. S. $578.98
2017-04-20 A22nd A3Minor Csgo icon.png ESEA Season 24: Open Division - Asia-Pacific 0 : 2 Recca Esports 2017logo std.png $400
2016-11-27 A22nd A3Minor Csgo icon.png BenQ SEA CS:GO Cup 1 : 2 Jyplogo std.png $1,684.26
2016-06-25 A11st A3Minor Csgo icon.png Mineski Pro Gaming League Season VIII 3 : 0 5Peakslogo std.png $851.39
2016-04-14 A33 - 4th A3Minor Csgo icon.png ESEA Season 21: Open Division - Asia-Pacific 0 : 2 Signature gaming logo std.png $300
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