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DreamHack  DreamHack Valencia 2015
> 16 Jul
< 19 Jul

> 09 Jul
< 12 Jul

GSL  Game Show League II
> 23 Feb

Global Offensive: Champions League  GO:Champions League
> 03 Mar

RGN  RGN Pro Series:  EU - NA
> 18 May

> 03 Jun

Acer  Acer Predator Masters
> 04 May
< 02 Aug

Counter Pit League  Counter Pit League
> 20 May
< 31 Jul

99Damage Arena  99Damage Masters 2
> 23 Jun
< 07 Jul

ESL ESEA  ESL ESEA Pro League Finals
> 02 Jul
< 05 Jul

ESL  Cologne '15 - EU Onl. Q. #2
> 30 Jun
< 01 Jul

ESWC  Masters Français du JV 2015
> 27 Jun
< 28 Jun

GFINITY  GFINITY Masters Summer 1
> 26 Jun
< 28 Jun

Australian Cyber League Pro  ACLPro 2015: Sydney
> 27 Jun
< 28 Jun


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Latest Transfers
Date Player Old New Ref.
2015-07-03 Canada daps
USA aKis
ELevate [1]
2015-07-03 USA rooRoooo SapphireKelownaDotCom
ELevate [2]
2015-07-03 USA Storm ELevate
None [3]
2015-07-02 USA desi None
Nihilum Gaming [4]
2015-07-01 Hungary Deadfox Hard 2 Believe
Team ROCK [5]
Hungary kHRIS WiLD MultiGaming
2015-07-01 Hungary boco
Hungary bodito
None [6]
2015-07-01 Sweden dennis None
Team Kinguin [7]
2015-07-01 Brazil fly
Brazil pan
Brazil cAmyy
Brazil eriika
Brazil santininha
INTZ eSports
Dexterity Team (Female) [8]
2015-07-01 Bulgaria spyleadeR
Bulgaria nkl
Bulgaria dream3r
Bulgaria v1c7oR
Bulgaria bubble
Mortal Kombat [9]
2015-06-30 USA roca
Tempo Storm [10]
2015-06-30 USA Warden None
Tempo Storm
2015-06-29 Finland wayLander PiTER
Inactivity [12]
2015-06-29 Sweden SKYTTEN Team Kinguin
None [13]
2015-06-29 Poland Hyper
Poland peet
Poland Furlan
Poland GruBy
Poland rallen
None [14]
2015-06-29 USA roca
None [15]
2015-06-28 Germany zonixx None
2015-06-27 Canada glorinsz Tempo Storm
None [17]
2015-06-26 Portugal KillDreaM None
Team Alientech [18]
2015-06-26 Portugal marq Team Alientech
None [19]
Latest Counter-Strike News
June 26th, 2015 — ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals
  • The first ESL ESEA Pro League season comes to an end, and the top eight team will now gather and clash in the finals, set to start July, 2nd. Read more...
June 16th, 2015 — CEVO Announces CS:GO Season 7 playoff details
  • CEVO announces its plans for the playoffs for the multiple divisions (professional, main, intermediate, amateur) that will take place this summer. Read more...
June 10th, 2015 — Overwatch out of Beta
  • Launch of Overwatch, the reviewing system for disruptive behavior reports, changes to matchmaking, the addition of the Service Medal, and more! Read more...
June 4th, 2015 — Invites for ESWC France revealed
May 26th, 2015 — Operation Bloodhound is live!
  • New missions split in two campaigns, addition of a new XP-based rank system, new maps. Read more...
Liquipedia News
June 11, 2015
  • Liquipedia Counter-Strike goes live.
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